Friday, February 8, 2008

Bed & Beach


Well yeah, still about Penang. More about us. We went to Bed in Auto-City. Uh, no we didn't sleep in Auto-City. There's this place called Bed in Auto-City. Never mind.

Satkuru & Wendy, uh, Firewire's hand at the back.

Nothing much to talk about this Bed place. We drank something, chatted, played game games, and then half the group went home.

What next? Daniel, Firewire, Willaz and I, went to Subaidah to meet up with Chee Hsien. He brought his friends along, but we didn't really talk to his friends. I feel bad for him, being in the middle. But anyway, we had fun laughing a little, and then left for our next location.

Feringghi Beach

Sorry, shaky hands and slow shutter speed. lol~

What did we do at the beach?

At first, it was boring.

And then Chee Hsien, toying with my camera, asked us to pose.

I can't describe this pose of Daniel's.

And then he tried and attack me.

This one, was not supposed to look like this.

The camera angle, make it feel as if he's going to kick me.
OK next post should be fun.



RuRu Jane~ said...

i guess the post of daniel is "ma lau" post!!! haha

Cekik Darah said...

Happy Chinese New Year from http://www.CekikDarah.com

Bell said...

Hehe! Looks like fun! I wish I could go lepak at the beach too! Looking forward to your next post Aaron! ^_^

Aaron@AxiaL said...

Pose! POSE! LOL~ :D

Hey! Gong xi fa cai! :)

Lepak at beach damn nice!
I wanna lepak again~ Come we go together! :D

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