Monday, February 4, 2008

A Yummy Post?

It's been awhile. I'm back with more updates. What's in this post? Hmmm...
As usual, photos of food.

Penang Laksa

Not the best Laksa in Penang, but still, a lot better than those you can find in Port Klang. You can really tell by just looking at it. The soup is full of fish! I wonder if they have Curry Laksa in Penang.

Penang Char Koay Teow

Not the best Char Koay Teow I've eaten, but still very good. And only in Penang, I see people Char the Koay Teow with prawns. Uh, my own food photo is making me hungry now. Crap.

Next, we went to Tambun for some seafood.

Capalang of Vegetable

Uh, yeah this is some healthy food, I think.

Prawn + Nestum = What you see in the pic above.

This is nice. I ate the prawns with their shell, very crispy, crunchy, etc.

Oh Jien!

Uh, "Oh Jien" means Fried Oyster in Hokkien. Somehow, they forgot about the egg in the naming process. Poor egg. Anyway, this "Oh Jien" is so far the best one I've eaten! The size of their oysters are much bigger compared to those people use in Klang or even KL, but not too big, just nice! And the taste, gosh! My food photo is killing me!

More Vegetable

I'm not sure about this vegetable. I think these are the leaves of potato trees? Why else would Chinese-Cantonese call it "Fan Shu Yip"?

Steamed Fish

I don't know what type of fish this is, but it tastes good! Very nice! No words can describe! Ushkaka!~

Crab with a lot of meat.

I guess that's why they called it "Yuk Hai" (Cantonese), meaning Meat Crab. About the taste, not bad. But I prefer it cooked in other styles.

OK that's all in this post. I will continue blogging about more food! But not in the next post, because I'll be posting images of human beings. Alright, thanks for viewing! Stay tuned.



Lasker said...

Yummmmmmmmmm ....
But I eat it all da time .. :P

Hahahaha .. still, yummmmmmmm!
Bila mau come back to Penang? Come come come!
Kuih Zhiap!!

Aaron@AxiaL said...

Sad la, over here cannot get those food. lol~

I think April! :D

SaeWei said...

you din take kuih zhiap photo!!!!!!! hahaha...

Next trip more CKT and oh jien ok!! HAahaha

angelinemiss said...

ciskek... me HUNGRY liao laaa... GRRRRRR... 2ml must go up balik pulau n eat the LAKSA!

CRIZ LAI said...

May 2008 Year of Brown Earth Rat brings you lots of Good Health, Happiness and Prosperity! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Bell said...

Happy New Year Aaron! *huggies*
So much food... *drools* not really... I'm full but still jealous you got to eat all that stuff! hehe! Funny that you should point out the egg missing in Oh Jien... I never noticed that. And the vege you don't know is probably yam leaves, not potato tree... -_-" potato don't grow in trees btw

Aaron@AxiaL said...

Yes more! MORE! ROAR!!!

Ciskek, Balik Pulau so far for me!

Criz Lai:
Gong xi~ Gong xi~ Gong xi ni! :D

lol~ Yeah egg is missing what. Yam leaves? Then Cantonese named it wrongly? Geez~ lol~

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