Monday, February 25, 2008

Colourful Wonders

What did you do during the weekend?

Normally, I'd sleep until noon and spend the rest of the day at home, doing nothing. But ever since I bought the new camera, my life's starting to change a little. No I'm not saying the camera is some magic, but I do a lot more meaningful things with the camera. Traveling around taking photos, is just what I like.

Sunday, 24th February 2008 - Semenyih with Eugene and Fattien.


The beauty of this place is indescribable. However, since it's rather far up, there are very few people around the place. I guess that's also why some people drove up there to dispose off their waste. We spotted a lot of rubbish. Old, unused furnitures, wooden boxes, racks, crates, et cetera. With no one around to look after the place, I wonder how long will its beauty last.

Misty Waters

It was still early morning when we arrived at the place. There was a thin layer of mist just above the water, as in the photo.


The water was clear and deep, I wonder what kind of fish will I find in here. Spotted a few guys fishing, but didn't wait around long enough to see what they can catch.

Now, time for the highlight of this post - Insects. I used 75mm - 300mm camera lens to shoot them, since I have no macro lens.


A bee working at its best, pollens can be spotted on its hind legs. And that gray thing is actually an ant.


Dragonflies, greater insects. Dragonflies used to be such huge creatures, but they grew smaller and smaller, and eventually became the ones we see now. Why? How would I know? lol~


Do you see what I see? Yes, a spider. OK spiders have eight legs so they are not insects. So what? lol~ From the way it looks, I think it's poisonous. And I can't get any closer since I have no macro lens.


Why do some butterflies open their wings like the one in this photo, and some close their wings up? To display their wings? Camouflage? Or are they simply two different types?


No idea about these two. But from how their wings look, I don't think they're designed for speed.


An ant, but not any normal ant. That thing was around 3.5cm - 4cm long, way over an inch.


This is not an insect. It's just an outer shell an insect has left behind. Or maybe its innards have been drained out by some other insects. Or it could be that it died after laying eggs, and its young ate its protein. Or it could be the work of a parasite. I really don't know. lol~

That is all for today's update.


Lasker said...

Wheeee .. love the mist!!!
keep it up, your photography skills already getting better by the day! :)

De Pianist said...

wah..insect post this time.kekeke...will be waiting for you to shoot sceneries next time..kekeke

Aaron@AxiaL said...

Yeah, it's even nicer when you look at the real thing!
omg compliments from boss! LOL~ Thanks! :)

De Pianist:
Insects are nice to shoot. When I zoom in on them, I feel like their world is like so alien compared to ours. lol~
I'll work on it :) Thanks!

danielctw said...

ur photography really good wei. After buying the A200. Wheee... I am also gonna go shoot some landscape photos too.

Cya around!!

chingy said...

Hm, I remember watching National Geographic about insects;

They say that through the changing environment, the size changes too.

Like how ants and grasshoppers used to be super huge last time. XD

Aaron@AxiaL said...

You have greater experiences than I do. You the sifu! lol~ Thanks anyway. We shall see! :)

Yeah I knew the reason. I just don't want to explain, cuz once I start, I won't stop. XD

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