Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Zone, Fort Cornwallis

I said in the previous post, that this update should be fun. Apparently, no. I mean, I'm not gonna update on that yet. For now, let's just look at more of my Penang trip's photos.

Went to Fort Cornwallis. Sadly it was closed, on a Sunday. Geez~ What kind of tourism spot closes on Sunday? OK don't answer that question. Uh, we took photos anyway.

It was a very sunny Sunday.

The only cannon we can see from outside the fort.

The Main Gate, I suppose.

Locked from inside.

I wonder why is the place closed on Sundays. Hmmm...
Anyway, we went on around the Fort, and saw a park.

It should mean 'Welcome To Old Fort Park' in English, I think.

And there was nothing else to shoot. Haha~

The only guy who posed, Firewire.

And then we walked across the street, just next to the fort, to find this...

The sea.

Too bad the sea is dirty, otherwise the photos will look really good.
Alright next update should be the last one? Hehe~



yipguseng said...

oh no...the whole beauty spoilt by the sea :(

wah...really long long long time i nvr to penang...not to say to this fort Cornwallis :P

Bell said...

weeee!!! so many photos! I should go visit all these places in Penang as well :P

Aaron@AxiaL said...

Indeed.. lol~
You should go there, makan! LOL~

You should! Come to Malaysia! lol~

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