Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Shouting of Genting

It's been what, 10-11 days since I last blogged? Yeah have been out for quite a while.
Anyway, went up to Genting Highland on 15th of March 2008 with a group of Shouters. Well that's, for now, the best Genting Highland trip I've ever joined. Traveling with a bunch of crazy people is really exciting.

It was freaking cloudy and misty.

It would have been a pain driving up if it rained, lucky us, it didn't.


The clouds were crawling everywhere, covering every part of the forest. Wanted to record a video on it, but suddenly I had something else to shoot.

Firewire moulala became a bit siao and promoted the rubbish bin.

For those who didn't understand moulala, it's cantonese, meaning - suddenly. As for siao, who wouldn't know? I don't think I have readers from anywhere except Malaysia. Uh, is there? lol~

The great big foot, I know not the reason they made the giant foot print.

I know not the reason of this too. Promoting exit sign?

This one is different. I catch no ball though.

Daniel again, this time trying to cabut the pagoda.

Again, for those who didn't understand cabut, it's Malay, meaning - extract? More like pluck.

Spotted a giant mozzie. And this was the best shot I could get with my 18-70mm lens.

And Firewire promoting the Gents.

It's truly fascinating, traveling with very very crazy and fun people. Next up, more Genting photos! Also, I might cut in with a little something else. Thanks for reading! Have a good day!


Bell said...

*seething with jealousy*
Wei... why only photos of Fifi and Dandan? Something going on here? ;)

Satkuru said...

Keluar and Toilet also wanna promote ar? hahaha. i didn't know you all stopped half way to take photos -_-" if only i have reached there early

SaeWei said...

Genting should have pay FireWire for doing such a great promoting job.. hahahaha... Great photos dude... Me likey!

Aaron@AxiaL said...

Cuz they were the models at this point of the journey :D

Yeah wor, you missed out a lot of fun you know! Next time we travel in one pack OK? lol~

Oh yeah, me too. I'm the one blogging about it. lol~ Thanks ar!!

辣炒年糕Blue said...


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