Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Ding a dang dong, we're the champions~

I've been receiving calls from college every morning since last Wednesday.
The conversation that took place this morning: -

Aaron: "Hello?"
College Admin: "Hello Aaron ah? All Mr. K's classes for today cancelled, ya."
Aaron: "Oh? Mr. K's class cancelled again?"
College Admin: "Yes he's sick."
Aaron: "Oh~ Sick ah? Okay thanks."
*chic-chuck* *ding dong diao* =.= Sony Ericsson's end call tone sounded like that.

Because of all the class cancellation, I didn't go to college for over 1 week (plus that leg injury).
I had to turn in all the leave letters this morning instead.
Upon seeing my letters, the college admin showed blurriness and said something about the letters' approval. I wasn't paying much attention as I was kind of late (not really late lah~ but I can feel the lecturer's presence already lol).

At home~
My keyboard/piano skills dropped all the way down, kissing the sea bed.
Haven't play for so long. But as soon as I started, I learnt a new song. Hahahahaha!
That's the way~ uh huh, uh huh~ I like it~ uh huh, uh huh~



Rabbit said...

No wonder I didnt see u in college lah. Having nice holiday rupanya~

RyceraiN said...

ish... u're complaining for having such a long holiday!!??? what the heck! i need one desperately T_T

Aaron Chua said...

Got "replacement" classes ar!

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