Thursday, February 22, 2007

It's almost March?! And 2007's day 1 felt like yesterday. Time flies~

In the middle of Chinese New Year, and I'm feeling sick again.
Had a bad sleep last night. My body's been aching since this morning.

Holiday ends on Monday. And I have to travel to college by bus, thanks to that freaking accident.
How am I going to live with that for months? Sigh~
I have to prepare and then leave home at least 2 hours earlier. Argh~
What a waste of time! All I'm going to do is listen to music and that's it.

Whenever I talk about music, I think of singing.
Many karaoke plans have been cancelled. That's quite sad (the formal meaning of quite is VERY) and I was really looking forward to making some real loud noise without disturbing people.

Hmmm. CNY is nearing its end, in terms of mood and holiday.
And right about now, my parents are on their way home from KLIA.
Leaving home again after my grandfather's birthday.
This time is going to be rather huge.
Like, my father bought my grandfather a car as present.
Yeah it's just a local car - Perodua Myvi. Not really fitting for an old man to drive around, but better than his really-old car - Volvo (now what the heck is the model?), which he loves so much.

Heck I need a new car. I need to have a car! Grrr~


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Rycerain said...

A new car for your grandfather? Good news then... he might like his sturdy Volvo more than the myvi, and who knows, the myvi might be yours... temporary, if not permanently...
ngek ngek...

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