Friday, February 9, 2007

Lousy Festive Season~

It's kind of getting more difficult to make plans for all to join these days.
Chinese New Year is up, and it's really boring. Zzzzzz...
Strangely, I don't feel like it's coming at all, unlike previous years.
How come this year so freaking sien?!

Someone told me it's related to the country's economy.
Then I was like, huh? Like how?
She then said err, something about lower production due to less demand?? Then err, less advertising, hence the so-few "Gong Xi" ads. What else? Zzzzzz...
Also, this year's Chinese New Year is rather quiet. Normally, fire-crackers can be heard long before the festive holiday starts.

Even more sien is~ Valentines Day! Shit!
What's worse than spending a day alone, when that very day is meant to be spent with someone special?
It doesn't matter anyway. I haven't anyone special. Oh wait, no, I do have one in heart. But no one wants me to be their special one. LOL~
So all I can do is spend my day alone. =.=
Right, how useless of me~


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Rycerain said...

You're not alone... coz I'm alone too... hahaha....

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