Monday, February 26, 2007

The importance of... Essay?

In the modern world, people go to school to study, learn different skills, foster their natural talents, and all in, just to get themselves a job, find a place in the society, and earn a living to support their or gain wealth. As time grows, so does the competition. People became smarter, inventing new technologies, tools and the likes, discovering new scientific explanations for things that were previously unexplainable, finding new secrets that were previously untold.

With the number of people rising, more and more people join the work force until what we have now. A flooded market of graduates, clever people who are not good enough or more likely not known by employers, all the useful skills and talents wasted, and the reason is that there are too many people and not enough work for everyone. Also, because of that, the requirements of many jobs have gone higher than what we had in the past. What about those who were left out? The number is alarming. And for those who cannot afford to live the way they should, they feel depressed.

Stress - the silent killer. It is one of the greatest causes of deaths around the world, next to heart diseases. Depression, negative adjustments, and so many more, could all lead to different levels of psychological disorders, from neurosis to psychosis. These are illnesses that most people face during these days. Why is this so? People are affected by so many aspects and stimuli. Mental health is very important and the government should start focusing on improving the technologies and facilities in the local mental health institutes.

Like said, stress is a killer. There are many causes to it, but the greatest cause is related to work. People get depressed when they lose their job, because without their job, they could not afford the bills, food and even to maintain their health. Often, one who suffers a great deal of depression would attempt suicide to escape the pain. Another case is there, whereby some people who work all the time, die suddenly due to heart attacks or stroke without having any heart disease. Now how is that possible? With a good amount stress, you get all sorts of illnesses. People who are overworked suffer more stress than normal. People with a higher level of post are more likely to suffer from stress than to those below him or her. As time grows, so does the level of stress. After building up all that stress, many health problems take place. By the way, health problems were mostly caused by our mind. Even the smallest of illnesses can be prevented if we have little stress and a clean, optimistic mind.

The health and hygiene of a mind is very important and it forms not just a person, but a united body. The importance of mental health should be stressed. The government should improve every espect of the country's mental health institutes and change the views and perspective of people so that mental health is taken seriously.

How's that for a change?
Writing an essay in a blog?
It's just for fun, since I have nothing to do right now.



Rycerain said...

LOL.. it sounds soooooo familiar! It's your assignment leh.... last year's 1... got full marks for it if i've not mistaken? hahaha....
wah, now post up assignments pulak... if i post mine up, what will happen leh?

Aaron Chua said...

Yeah lol~
It's a reflective essay.
Post yours? Then people will read it lah~ lol...

aceone118 said...

This turtle http://aceone118.blogspot.com/2007/01/sea-turtle.html#comments is hungry. Can U go feed this turtle?

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