Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The smell of Dust~

This be the day I'll never forget.
21th February 2007 - freaking car accident, so bad, I could have died on the spot.

Geez, my first and only accident, I hope.
Heck, I felt really bad, so bad that I forgot to take photo.

The whole front side of my car - flat.
The engine flat, radiator burst, front windscreen cracked, driver's side door in a slight fix. In short, the whole of my engine is waste.
Now I won't be able to drive for some freaking long time.

Good thing is, no one was badly injured.
2 cousin sisters with me in the car at that time, they got only scratches. Me? I don't feel any pain on the outside.
Just you know, the whole front side of my car was ripped off. A few inches away from the driver's seat. I could have died man, I could have lost my legs.
But thank God~ Sankyu!

How did it happen?
Heck, the one who hit me, was driving at around 80-90kmph, in a freaking residential area, at a freaking cross junction! So freaking fast for a short road.

First, freaking lousy CNY, then it gets even lousier.
Life sucks!



Rycerain said...

thank God u're alive...
dunno what else to say...
oh ya, ur green dino is one tough dinosaur after all.. luckily it's heavy enough not to flip over.. haha...
stay safe brudder...

Aaron Chua said...

ya lol~
Now become scraps also.

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