Thursday, February 1, 2007

What is your dream?

Have you ever thought of joining the Malaysian Idol, or anything similar like say, singing competitions? Dancing auditions?
You know how people always say, that: whatever your dream is, you should go for it when you're still young.

Yeah you should go for it when you see the opportunity.
But should we or should we not take the industry's condition into consideration?
I think we should.

I have this friend whom I usually hang out with during my time in college - he know some people who were given a chance to sign a contract with a local music company, but they declined the offer.
It happened years ago, and the reason they declined was because Malaysia's entertainment industry wasn't really that stable and safe yet.
Truly, it was hard for local stars to compete with world famous stars.

But now? It's obviously different. The industry is growing fast, and I think it's because of all the competitions. The first competition (my first time viewing anyway =.=) that went live on Astro's Dynasty package's Wah Lai Toi, which I'm not so sure of the date, was okay. And so it started.
Various talent quests started taking place. More and more people started joining, seeing the profits and fame (yeah I like that too). For those who didn't quite make it through the auditions, they try finding their way into the industry through other methods like drawing media attention, find a job related to their singing dream. The number is ever increasing and that is probably what that's been contributing to the growth of the local music industry.

Yeah. I'm also a hopeful~ ^^
But I haven't any confidence, not even for a single attempt. What a failure. Aiks~
You may have many supporters. But we're talking about something really BIG! Then again, you have to be the best of the best to win!

To all who knows what you want to do, good luck in pursueing your dream.
To those that are still clueless, or worse still, never spent any thought on this subject, start thinking about it before it's too late.
Have fun with life y'all!~

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