Wednesday, December 5, 2007

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I'm back from Penang! And I'm ready to update a bit on the trip. But I can't fit everything into one post. That'll take very long, and the post will be too long, too. So, expect a few posts on the Penang trip.

Anyway, this post is only here to let you know I'm back. I will update again, once I'm done with processing all of the photos.

IMG_1693 (480 x 360)
A photo of Penang, foggy.

Just in case someone said I made up a story, like what happened in the past.
More photos on the next update.

And, before I end this post, I really have to say, I had a great time eating and taking photos when I was at Penang. Had a lot of fun meeting up with Penang Shouters too. Finally huh? It's been long. I will go to Penang again, real soon!

DSC_9353 (400 x 602)
Penang rocks!

Stay tuned.


sc_Bone said...

the ferry pic so foggy that the pic looked like it was taken years back.
its good 2 see u again, man!

JJzai said...

More more more more more!!!!!!!!!!
I want to see more!!!!!1

Annabel said...

hehe.... good one! thumbs up! I can't wink... I end up blinking very hard and everyone laughs at me...

Aaron@AxiaL said...

Yeah like those China postcards. lol~ Yeah we'll meet again. Haha~

Sure, update in progress.

Hahahaha, I didn't wink at the camera, it was a quick shot. Natural reaction. lol~

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