Thursday, March 1, 2007

Broken Tag~

I've always ignored tags.
Not that I always get tags, but I almost always just delay until everyone forgets about it and then, great. But now, I think it's some culture that we bloggers have to deal with. Like, accept the freaking culture and respond in kind. lol~
But of course, I still think forwarding chain mails are stupid. At least tags are more fun and I see a point in doing so.

So here goes. Got this strange tag from Pinksterz.
And thank you for tagging me dear girl~ *Grrr* lol~

Part one: On the outside
-name: Aaron Chua
-date of birth: 6th of September 1987
-current status (??!): Marital status or what? If so, I'm single!
-eye color: Dark brownish eyes.
-hair color: Natural black. Sometimes dye a bit to try and look cool.
-righty or lefty: This also must ask?? What the heck for? ... Right handed.
-zodiac sign: Virgo eh~

Part two: On the inside
-heritage: >>>>>>
I'm a Chinese. So like, my dad's a Cantonese and my mom is Hokkien. Need to calculate blood percentage also ar? I think 100% Chinese blood. Tengok muka sudah tau.
-fear: >>>>>>
Fear? Hmmm, this is a tough question. I'm not afraid of creepy crawlies, I'm not afraid of insects, I'm not afraid of rodents, I'm not afraid of the water (I very much want to hit the ocean right now), I'm not afraid of dying (but I fear the pain I have to go through before dying. lol~), I'm only a little afraid of heights, what else? Hmmm, I don't know~
-weakness: >>>>>>
physical weakness or mental weakness? Specify mah~ lol!
-perfect pizza (my favorite huh?): >>>>>>
I hardly eat pizza at all, so err, as long as there are lots of cheese and NO pineapple!

Part three: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow
-thoughts first waking up: >>>>>>
For today, I thought, "Geez, I have to drive to the market to get something? Blah~"
-tomorrow: >>>>>>
Pick up my grandpa's new car! v(^^)v
-bedtime: >>>>>>
My bedtime is really out of my control. But anyway, normally, 11:30p.m. - 09:00a.m.
-most missed memory: >>>>>>
I miss many things, many parts of my life. It's really difficult to think of a most missed memory, so I think I'll skip this one (Lalala~ *ngek*).

Part four: Your pick
-Pepsi or Coke: Pepsi Blue~
-McD or Burger King: Burger King is damn nice wei! McDonald's a bit boring.
-single or group dates: Eh this one very much depend on my mood.
-Adidas or Nike: I have more Nike stuff than Adidas, so Nike lah~
-Lipton Tea or Nestea: Nestea is nice.
-Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate! CHOCOLATE!! Chocolate.........
-Cappucino or Coffee: Cappucino is a type of coffee lah!!!~

Part five: Do you...
-smoke: Do you like cancer? I don't.
-curse: I curse everyday, at lousy drivers who drive farking slow on fast lanes! Xeng xeng tai yong yu ha hai~ Which means, ~#@%$^*&^%@#!!~

Part six: ... in the past month.
-drank alcohol: Yeah! Jolly Shandy. lol~
-gone to the mall: Of course. How else did I get my new clothes for CNY?
-been on stage: Nah, no chance for me to step up and perform.
-eaten sushi: Yee Sang can be considered as sushi, right?
-dyed your hair: Nope, I only highlighted my hair.

Part seven: What were you doing...
-one minute ago: Online and freaking doing this tag?
-one hour ago: I was singing until I finally thought it's time to come online.
-four and a half hours ago: Was eating those food I bought from Pasar Malam.
-one month ago: Did what I'm doing now.
-one year ago: Around this time last year, preparing for CNY I think.

Part eight: Finish the sentence
-I love: to sing, to take part in a drama, my family and my friends!
-I feel: like an idiot, writing in a worthless blog.
-I hate: people who make me want to hate them? lol~
-I hide: whenever I see an alien.
-I miss: you~ What? Not you lah! Finishing sentence only what!
-I need: to build up my courage to join the Malaysian Idol.

Part nine: Tag five people
How to tag people? People won't notice me tagging them also. No people read my blog wor! So I think, this also must skip lah~ Okay? Can? No problem lah~
So I'm going to tag zero person.

Job's done~


Rabbit said...

OH! Like that lah. I tag u then u ignore lah? Pinksterz tag u then u do lah? Like that to me lah? Good lor u.

Aaron Chua said...

Your one is more difficult to do.
I'm still thinking on it.

pinksterz said...

haha. jealous ar rabbit? kekeke ^^

chained letters are always stupid. but tags are fun. LOL.

Aaron Chua said...

Eh I did that tag also~
Right about minutes ago.

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