Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fever Night

Sorry for not updating more frequently. Am quite busy with a few things this late. Wanted to explain my situation here, but it's too long a story to tell, plus, it's rather personal. So, I think I'll have to come up with something else to blog with.

This time around, I wanna blog about a normal hang out that took place around 1 year ago. Not very special, but I had a lot of fun, because of the stuff we played. This post will help me remember about that time. All we did was play with Jenga and cards, but heck it was really funny.

IMG_9009 (480 x 360)
A normal Jenga game.

IMG_9041 (480 x 640)
It was too easy, so we played a taller version.

IMG_9024 (480 x 360)
Took a photo since it's the tallest Jenga we played. Oh and that's Rycerain! I think she's busy with her assignments, therefore she can't update her blog that often.

IMG_9063 (480 x 360)
Suddenly, everyone wanted a group photo.

IMG_9065 (480 x 640)
And then it grew so tall, it was scary.

IMG_9012 (480 x 640)
And it collapsed, so sad can.

IMG_9015 (480 x 360)
And we played something else.

IMG_9016 (480 x 360)
Everyone was trying different things.

IMG_9018 (480 x 360)
Then we worked together to make a nice one, and wanted to push it down from a few sides, but it didn't turn out okay.

And that's it. The next update will be more, colorful, than this one.

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Bell said...

Woooo!!~~ Love Jenga!! It's so fun! Another game I also love is Dominoes! My Canadian cousin introduced it to us when they were visiting once Xmas and we got the entire family and our friends hooked. Now everyone has a set! LoL I wish I had one here, but Dominoes with only 2 people no fun.

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