Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Got something cool from a dear Shouter. Benjipapa, thank you for making me a cartoon avatar!

That's me! Aaron! Woolala~

According to Benjipapa, I don't like taking photos with my normal look. Also, I'm the capalang that loves music, and does the eye move whenever I take photos. I think he's right. (LOL~)

And in case if you're wondering what the eye move is all about, check this:

The Eye move

I just found out that this Eye move is actually my signature pose. Thanks to the Shouters who helped me in realizing that. (lol~)

Thanks again Benjipapa!
Oh, and do check out his blog to find more cartoon characters of some other Shouters.

And that's it!


Jason Leingod said...

I see the you like The Rock, is it? XD

Iwan said...

the eye signature is also ziana zain style!!


Paupau said...

haha..already noticed that eye move before..(yay,i'm observant..=p )

cool cartoon eh..gonna go check out other characters d.hehehehe

Anonymous said...

hehe.... eyebrow boy very busy lately is it? no update long time :)

AaronWoolala said...

No I don't. I used to though. Hahaha~

Ish, that's bad. Hahahaha~

De Pianist
Yes you are. Cool~ Haha~

I'm back now! kekeke~

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