Saturday, October 20, 2007

If only I could turn back time...

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I mentioned in an old post, that I no longer do tags. But hey, if it's on an interesting topic, why not I use the topic and talk about what I'm really thinking? Like this Time Machine for example, I think it's quite fun to talk about times you wish you can go back to and why do you want to go back to then. The tag allows only one Time, but since I have a few to talk about, and I don't want to choose, AND I'm the boss in my blog, I'll talk about anything and everything I can think of. (Hahaha~)

The first Time I want to go back to, is the more recent past, just last year, the time when the gathering - Rojak Reunion - was held. What gathering was that? It's a little event we organized to bring all our primary school friends together, and wow, it was rather successful!

IMG_8878 (480 x 360)
A group photo taken during the end of that event.

I seriously miss times like this, and hopefully I'll be having another gathering as such, I don't mind organizing one myself, but I can't possibly do it on my own. So, if there's anyone of you old friends out there that reads my blog, and happen to come across this post, come join me, and together we'll start something!

That's that.

Another Time that I wish I can go back to, is the time I had a lot of laugh, until I almost lost my breath. It was at Station One, before the Rojak Reunion gathering, if not mistaken. We play games, joked about everything, and we were the loudest bunch around for that particular night.

And well, the Time that I want to go back to the most, is when I was still a kid, maybe 10 or 11 years of age. I played with classmates, played at home, played all the time. I was a coward. I didn't dare to do anything. But whenever someone bullied me, I stood up and fight back. I even took down a brown belt when I was still a white belt, as in Taekwando. Why? Simple. That guy was taller than me by one head, but he made a mistake. He underestimated me. But that's not a story to tell here, now. And yes, I really want to go back to whack him up again.

Anyway, the main reason I want to go back to when I was still a kid, is because I have one regret. (Yeah I told Wendy I had no regrets, but I realized after, that I do have one.) I quited my music lessons! I was at Teachers' Grade when I quit. I should have continued. Imagine what kind of music I can play now if I hadn't quit. Music is all I had, and I let go of it. But it's useless to think about it and regret now, as I'll only waste more time. So, I'm slowly picking up my Keyboard skills back, and Piano, and hopefully guitar too.

I think that should be it. And no I'm not going to tag anyone.

Now, what's next?

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