Monday, October 1, 2007

Reporting for Duty

Okay, I'm delighted to be guest blogging here and I'm returning a favour too. This is my first gig in guest blogging so, here goes! Aaron is having a blogger's block, he's apparently stuck somewhere. Probably the medula oblongata part of his brain? People, inspire him okay!

Anyhow, I've been given the task or should I say privilege to set my mark in his blog! I'm Wendy, a fellow blogger and friend of Aaron who hails from Ipoh but I'm currently studying in Penang and I wanna show you guys that Aaron, can be a camwhore too. He seems to be camera ready for every occasion, poser.

Do you guys noticed that he can never look normal in a picture?
There's always something different.
Must be the Woolala~

Aaron recently got a new car, lucky him. Previously he had a Nissan Serena but now, he has a brand new car! So now, he can go mad on the road and possibly tour around KL to enhance his navigation skills. Yea, driving a new car does seems good and leather seats, very nice. Maybe I should do what he did to get new car.

I was up in KL last weekend for a short trip and I managed to meet Aaron and other fellow bloggers. Although the meet was short for me due to unforeseen circumstances, it was great to have met my friends. We chatted for quite a while and we were definitely laughing ourselves silly. Looking forward for the next time I'm up for another meet, I'll be sure to laugh till my tummy aches.

Before I left, I camwhored with everyone and I bid goodbye. Yea, I have a camwhore reputation to maintain here! Well, I would've loved to have stayed longer but I couldn't. I very sedih can.

So thank you so muchieeeeeeee Aaron for letting me guest blog, it was urm fun! I have the MOJO on! Hopefully you'll be inspired to blog again, looking forward to see your posts aight!



Aaron Chua said...

Gosh~ How come I never knew you took so many pics that has me in it? O_o

Ricky Tan said...

how this guest blogging can be done!?

Aaron Chua said...

Easy, just ask me in MSN or SO. LOL~

Wendy said...

I didn't take any of the pictures! Chee Hsien did! XD Liked my post?

De Pianist said...

now this is the first time seeing someone doing guest blogging..hehehe..

and i do notice that aaron love to raise his left eyebrows in here..haha

Ichitaka Leingod said...

Oops, missed that one...! XD

Aaron Chua said...

Yes I like! Thanks! :D

De Pianist
Yes! That eyebrow thing is natural. Hahahaha~

Next time you try and come! :D

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