Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Curvy Day

When was Raya? Last month? Well yeah it's been almost a month, and I have photos taken back then, when my parents were still at home, and we decided to go to The Curve since my parents have never been there. And they were rather happy about it, I errr, think. More like I hope.

From this point out, photos!

The Walk, The Curve

There weren't a lot of fun inside The Curve, so we walked out to errr, The Street?

Is this part The Street or The Walk?

I don't remember. But anyway, the shops around there don't allow people to take photos, which is rather sad. I mean, all I'm going to do is promote their shop, not that I have a lot of traffic, but at least it's better than nothing, no? (lol~) Okay maybe they don't need any promotion. I never needed their photos anyway. (lol~)

So we walked, and walked, and walked, and.. Eventually arrived at Cineleisure Damansara. So we walked in and gee.. There was something going on.

Astro's GAMING Championship Series

At that time, I thought, WOW! Be a pro-gamer and earn a salary? That's amazing! To play games and earn money out of it, what more can I ask for? So I went to check what game was on the screen.

Counter Strike? Is that not a Terrorist dude?

But no one was playing. Maybe they're using the CS screen to draw gamers' attention. Really, how many gamers are there, that never played CS for at least a few times? And to those who don't know what CS (Counter Strike) is, well, look at the next photo.

On the screen, CS.

A first person shooting game. There's nothing much to talk about it. You can choose to be either a Terrorist, or a Counter-Terrorist. You start off with some money, buy your weapons, armor and equipment, and go shoot down the opposing team. There are different type of maps, and different maps have different objectives. And the objectives, are too long to explain. I'll only say here, it's either plant the bomb/disarm the bomb, or, save the hostages/kill those who try to save the hostages, depending on which side you're on. A rather addictive game.

And when I was thinking about to join, the screen changed and the event started!

One on One!

Yeah one on one, but crap, that's no CS! That's racing! *sigh* I hesitated, and eventually dropped the idea about joining. Then after I watched them race, I thought, gee.. These guys are rather lousy at it. I should have joined! (LOL~) Then I noticed something else, errr.. Someone actually.

Can you tell who this is? The biggest guy in the photo.

Like, how can you not tell who this is? I could have recognize him from blocks away....... Okay I exaggerated. But anyway, I went to say hi, and fortunately, he remembered me. (lol~) So we talked and watched the games while my family went to cari-makan (look around for food). We even took a few photos together.

Me, with Shaz!

Yeah so now you know who that really is. Anyway, I had to go meet up with my parents, so I said goodbye to Shaz and left the event.

Went back to The Walk, inside The Curve, but couldn't find my parents.

What happened? Could they have gone lost?

Come back for the next episode and you'll know!

Wow, I can't believe I'm making episodes to my blog now. What to do, traffic so low, have to try something new to draw visitors. (lol~) Anyway, that's it for this post.


De Pianist said...

i'm a sucker.honestly i don't know who shaz is..hehehe..paiseh.=p..

wah..got so cham ma..so empty d the gaming place..i never played CS before cuz no one wanna teach me how..=.=..but i wanna try,cuz i love shooting d..ngehehehe..

Ichitaka Leingod said...

no dota? if not I will go and join la...! XD

small world to meet Shaz there to wor, why he didn't join the competition? :P

♡*Chɘrÿ|ÿŋ*´¯`•.¸¸.εϊз said...

The curve!.. omg i miss the curve so much!.. when i left, MNG was not open yet.. now i can see MNG!! i miss secret recipe, fitness first, flee market, redbox, sakae sushi, the green tea ice cream from the tea house, metrojaya, boutiques..yada yada.. There must be lotsa changes now~ so looking forward to go back!

Aaron Chua said...

De Pianist
Hahaha, Shaz is a blogger. lol~
Wow, I happen to play CS quite okay. I can be your sifu, with a price. LOL~

DotA? Hmmm, I didn't see any DotA there. lol~ He didn't join because I didn't join, no kaki. LOL~

Wow, you used to "float" around the Curve a lot huh? :D
Next time, we "float" together along with other shouters, okay? lol~

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