Saturday, October 6, 2007


What do you feel from this photo?

I felt the emo-ness from the dog.

What about this?

Looks like it was emo-ing, but it was actually afraid of the camera. So it avoided direct eye contact with the camera.

This is its "play-with-me" look.

But no one dares play with it besides my grandma and I, because it's freaking dangerous! My dad, who's home for a short work-break, was bitten by it just hours before I wrote this post. I warned my dad not to go near it, but he just had to provoke the dog. So, I think he deserved it. Hahahahaha~

It cried...

Because I yelled at it. And I felt bad after that. Hahaha~

Dang, a dog's post.
That's it!


aL said...

eh why the anjings all look so emo wan? lol.

wat u did to them?!

Chee Hsien said...

hahahahah.... u are emo too? :P

Jasonmumbles said...

So many dogs for what? :|

De Pianist said...

lol..your dogs really emo..can find model company to let them do modelling lah..hehehhee

Aaron Chua said...

I sayang them one! But sometimes, even psychologists also will emo. lol~

Yeah I am. That's the reason I did this post. Haha~

They're not exactly my dogs. Haha~ All I do is play with them.

De Pianist
Model company? Nah, you didn't read my post? Or you forgot? My dogs all crazy one! Hahahaha~

Wendy said...

i love the ganas dog, can't wait to play with him if i have the chance! XD I love a challenge!

benjipapa said...

The 1st dog... CUTE like u...
2nd dog... NOT like u.. cos it's sooooooo HAIRY......

3rd dog.... cant think anything like u....

4th pics.... erm...... u lay down jz like the doggie?? hehehehe

Iwan Sanchez said...

aaron cute?
aaron handsome lah.. ahahha!

eh,, all these are ur dogs??

dun marah marah the dogs lah..

kesian tau..

Bell said...

I love doggies! But your dog all so emo... kolian... Are they always like that or just that day you take the photos? *sigh* I wanna cuddle them... but u say dangerous...

Aaron Chua said...

It's not challengable. LOL~ You'll become a chewing toy. swt~

Why are you comparing me with my dogs man? LOL~

No I'm not cute or handsome. I'm ugly, in fact. lol~
I no marah one! I whack! Hahahahaha~

Not always. They're only like that if I tell them to act emo. lol~
You can cuddle the brown ones, but that white one is a definite no no. lol~ Serious wei~

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