Thursday, December 20, 2007

Penang, the 3rd

Continuing the Penang trip, yes this is the third part. Went to Cherry Sweet to eat Tom Yam.

Their signboard a bit difficult to see.

Went on in to find out what's special about this place. Ahlok said this place has very good Tom Yam soup. I love spicy food, especially curry. Good Tom Yam is difficult to find.

Seafood Tom Yam

Well, not as good as I expected, but can do. It's not really that spicy, and it lacked some flavor to it, I can't find the right words to explain that flavor. Sour, fishy taste, maybe not thick enough.

Green Curry Chicken

This one is my favorite among the food we tried, mamamia~

Stuffed Crabs?

I'm not sure what they stuffed the crabs' shells with, but it was good. Tasted like fish-ball or fish-cake.

Deep Fried Kangkung

Not my kind of food, but it was OK, sweet and crispy.

Dessert of the Day

I forgot its name, but very nice. Water-chestnut, ice, and jelly. Sweeeeeeeeet~

After that, we headed to somewhere else to eat more food. Jason and Joshua both uploaded a video, that teleport one. Yeah we headed to the place opposite of New World Park, to eat more desserts and fried oysters with egg.


That's what we call it. Jelly, ice, red beans, coconut milk and so on. The result is very sweet, and if you can't take too much of coconut milk, then this is not your kind of food.

Uh, Capalang of Fruits?

Obviously, I forgot the name. And the photo tells everything, so I need not explain.

Fried Oysters with Egg

This is the special, I never tasted this kind of Fried Oyster with Egg before. Very very nice, but a little too oily. The sauce is what differentiates this one with others I've tasted. And it's very crispy, unlike those I normally eat.

And then we stopped eating and took a few lean shots, I'm not going to post those here because I look funny in those photos. Next, Lovers' Bridge?

Yes it is! Lovers' Bridge.

Though, I don't see why lovers would want to come here. It felt like it's going to collapse anytime. But the sight was nice, and they did their jumping, but no leaning photos because of the fear of leaning into the sea?


smashpOp jump, behind-the-scene shot.

And then it's time to go meet up with Penang Shouters for dinner, for the first time. I didn't take photos during the dinner, so there's only a group photo.

My version of group photo.

Kind of dark, and blur because I didn't change the camera settings.

smashpOp's version.

Here, a clearer one.

Next post, should be the final post for this Penang trip.


miChi3 said...

luckily I'm not hungry now..:p
that dessert of the day ah..
is it bu bu cha cha?? =/

Wendy said...

wahhhhh michie so fast comment already! hahahahaha~ anyways, ahh penang food, reminds me of home! come we go eat more stuffs!

FireWire said...

cilaka, we go penang no one bring us eat oh jien #@()$@#$(

erlynda said...

zomg..... the tomyam looks soo sedaps... the stuffed crabs also... ><"

Douglas said...

Hoho, I knew there's a nice mamak @ Malacca. They sell tasty curry as well, green curry, curry chicken, curry mutton, vege, u name it.

Aaron@AxiaL said...

Eh, I forgot edy. But not bubuchacha.

Yes she was waiting for me to update. lol~ Yeah let's. Weeeee~

LOL~ Let's go again, I also wanna eat.

Eh? Don't tell me you tak pernah makans. lol~

Woooooo? Next time we go Malacca then! lol~

SaeWei said...

OMG... i dun even know where the Cheery Place is.. Shame shame~

CRIZ LAI said...

This news is like years ago.... haha. Anyway...Merry X'mas and a Happy New Year 2008. May this year and many years to come be filled with peace, love, joy, health and wealth :)

De Pianist said...

wahaha..same species with me,i love spicy food..hehehehe..come come to jitra,kedah,you'll find more spicy food there.kekeke...=p

Aaron@AxiaL said...

Hahahaha.. You can ask Ahlok. He will guide you.

Criz Lai:
Yes man! Merry Xmas and a happy new year! :)

De Pianiet:
Wuah same species. LOL~ Alright, someday I will visit Kedah!

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