Monday, December 10, 2007

Entering, Penang!

Penang trip post? Yes I think it is. You've seen the photos at smashpOp's blog, a different version at Douglas' blog, and Joshua's, well, they all took good photos. The ones I took are only normal photos. Their tools, gosh, great cameras! Just wait!

Now, my turn to explain about the Penang trip. My style.

I left Port Klang and traveled to Kuala Lumpur Central station by KTM. Expected a boring journey, so I filled my hand phone with songs and it helped. Anyway, I gave Jason, otherwise known as smashpOp, a call to find out where he is at the Central station, and then I spotted him with another guy I've never seen. So we introduced ourselves a bit. Douglas Ho, guess I made myself a new friend.

Suddenly, there was an announcement, the train we're supposed to board is going to take off in a few minutes. But there was another guy, missing. Joshua, rushed to the Central station as fast as he could after work. Apparently his boss wanted him to stay back for a while. It's a good thing he made it in time. The doors closed right after he boarded the train. What's next? We did what we like to do best, taking photos.

Aaron, yes me, and Joshua, the guy who almost miss the train.
Douglas took this photo.

Next, I started taking photos too, with my digital camera.

Douglas & Jason

Then Joshua got hungry, so we went to the cafeteria coach to find something to eat.

The Cafeteria

Quite a noisy area, there were people playing cards and games, I wonder who played Jengga. The train was shaking all the while. Having nothing to play with, Jason took out his hand phone to connect to the internet.


So Jason shouted while the very hungry Joshua ate, since he had to skip dinner time to rush to the station. After a while, we grew hungry too. According to Joshua, the fried rice was not good, so we went for the tastiest possible food on the train, probably the cleanest too. Instant noodles.

The food we ate.

Uh, eating the food?
Thanks to Douglas for this photo.

After that, we went back to our berths to rest. We chatted, took more photos, and eventually, fell asleep.......

The next morning, we were awakened by the alarms we set. I looked out of the window, Penang bridge greeted me. Finally, after almost 10 hours on the train.

We got off the train, stretched a bit, talked about the nice shaky sleep. Really, the trains' shaking felt like a swinging bed, it was fun. And well, we took more photos.

This is what I got, from the Butterworth station.

Cameras' flashed, everyone took their photos, Jason did his "Jump". And then we headed to the ferry.

I wanted to continue writing, but it will become too long. 27 photos in a post is too many, no? So I'll update again in one or two days. I have them all prepared. Come back again soon!


Alex said...

interesting! Cant remember the last time i took KTM.

Sae Wei said...

Hahaha.. Finally~~~~ :P Why not you take another train trip over this weekend? ;)

De Pianist said...

never take train before leh..don't know how izit feels like..=)

Aaron@AxiaL said...

Hahahahaha! Well yes maybe you should take the train once in a while. Not exactly the best experience, but fun la.

Sae Wei:
Uh, 10 hours ride? Once is enough. Hahaha~

De Pianist:
You should try. lol~ :D

Annabel said...

Waahh... Overnight train... KL to Penang take so long meh? I almost did that when I was holidaying in West Malaysia last time also. Luckily I didn't lo... otherwise might die of Boredom... But I guess with a group of friends makes the journey less tedious... Looking forward to the rest of your holiday post!

miChi3 said...

I wanna see more photos!

JJzai said...

More More More to come!!!!!

Aaron@AxiaL said...

Oh of course not alone la! Can die! lol~ But if with friends, you can try la. :D

Yes I know you wanna see more photos. Kekeke~

Even more now!

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