Sunday, December 16, 2007

Woolala Penang~

This is not Aaron, I'm just a trespasser with granted access.
I'm Wendy, by the way.

As you all would know, Aaron is currently in Penang (again) and he came up with some fellow KL bloggers to attend ShoutOut's Year End Barbecue Party as well as celebrating my birthday! And yea, he gets to party at the beach. He seems very excited about it.

Ah well, I'm just doing a good deed for updating because he's been kinda stuck lately, so I'm just going to spruce things up a little here. Woolala~

This is his current condition, with my cool looking sunglasses. -_^

Woolala will be back in action in er, 2 days? Well, if he doesn't you guys can just mass spam his blog till he does okay. Make him blog for you guys!
So that's it for now, I shall bid goodbye with a Woolala.



miChi3 said...

one thing to confirm..
the spec looks much more better on you, wendy..

Aaron@AxiaL said...

Weh! apa macam? lol~

Wendy said...

Oh oh~ Aaron, habisla you! XD

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