Friday, December 7, 2007

An Evening at The Curve

This is not a Penang trip's post.

Well, I went to The Curve last night with AlvinC to meet up with Firewire - a Shouter - to have dinner together, also to see Cherylyn and her boyfriend, Jason (a potential Shouter?), for the first time.

Here are the photos.

IMG_2073 (480 x 360)
The Curve, ready for Christmas?

IMG_1993 (480 x 360)
Empress Cafe

IMG_2005 (480 x 360)
Jason & Cherylyn

IMG_2031 (480 x 360)
Firewire, AlvinC, Cherylyn & Jason.

IMG_2033 (480 x 360)
The same people, with different poses.

IMG_2036 (400 x 533)
The Couple

IMG_2076 (480 x 360)
Look at the picture behind Cherylyn.

IMG_2066 (480 x 360)

IMG_2067 (480 x 360)

IMG_2068 (480 x 360)
I finally get to show my face.

IMG_2070 (480 x 360)
Once again, Jason, Cherylyn, Firewire, Aaron, and AlvinC.

Next post, Penang trip?


AlvinC said...

send me the photos thru email... boleh ?

♡*Chɘrÿ|ÿŋ*´¯`•.¸¸.εϊз said...

waa! so efficient~ update so fast!!

Wendy said...

yerrr The Curve! Glad you guys had funnnn! XD I missed the Curve so muchhhhh!

Aaron@AxiaL said...

See mood boleh? :D Wait a while can~

Yeah, after this all Penang posts. lol~

Come to KL again! Sama-sama jalan and makan! :D

Annabel said...

You guys look like you had heaps of fun! The Xmas decorations are lovely! I haven't shout with firewire in a long time lo... hope he's well :)

Aaron@AxiaL said...

Uh, it was OK. Hahahaha~ Firewire is totally well. lol~

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