Sunday, July 15, 2007

The 7th Panda, I am!

A screen-shot for shouters. A day to remember. Well, okay maybe not. I joined the ShoutOut on 6th of July 2007, and today is another day I think I'll remember for quite some time.

Historic (934 x 300)
Click on it to view the bigger version

Is this truly a historical moment? Not after so many people, no? Maybe to the shouters, yes it's something to be celebrated. What else can I be talking about, if it's not about the 5000th shout? Yes yes, I've reached the 5000th shout. No wait, I should probably sound more excited. Let's try that again.

Oh my God! People! Shouters! All! I'm now a Panda holder! Omigosh! This is truly unbelievable! I'm the 7th Panda Holder, and 7 seems to be a big number this year, but sadly, it's not 07/07/07. Still, 7 is a cool number. I don't know if it's my lucky number, but I like the number 7. Even the the shape of the number 7 looks cool, no?

Never mind. Let's check out the slide. Oh and, sorry about my photo, I'm ugly.

Cool Slideshows!

I wanted to decorate the whole thing to look like it's full of love, but after experimenting for a while, I figured that lots of lovey-dovey designs will only make the whole thing look weird. So I'd go for simple. But hey, I still love ShoutOut and the Shouters, okay? And now, let's see.

Chee Hsien
Criz Lai

Adelene Tan

4 guys and 3 girls. Guys can be really talkative, too. And the girls are getting more and more quiet. lol~

Next up, a task assigned by the Panda Holders. To show how much I support ShoutOut.

IMG_0704 (400 x 300)
I have ShoutOut posted up on my television.

IMG_0718 (400 x 300)
I even have it posted up on my fridge.

IMG_0723 (400 x 300)
On my mirror.

IMG_0720 (400 x 300)
Even at my electone! But I don't shout when I play. I sing.

IMG_0741 (400 x 300)
My fishes support ShoutOut.

IMG_0745 (400 x 300)
My pet dog nods to ShoutOut.

IMG_0736 (400 x 300)
Even my tortoises (I like calling them turtles instead) show support to ShoutOut.

IMG_0726 (400 x 300)
I had my sister participate in the show of supporting ShoutOut, not easy.

IMG_0728 (400 x 300)
And me, the 7th Panda Holder! Support ShoutOut all the way!

I hope this is good enough to make up for my failure in executing the original assignment. Finally, special thanks to all Shouters, especially Lasker & Elise for starting this magic, and Criz Lai for assisting me throughout the whole process. To all Shouters, we rock!


CRIZ LAI said...

Congrats Aaron for getting the 7th Panda…Welcome to the Happy ShoutOut Family… the family that never stop shouting. Well done with the assignments too. Best of Luck in all your undertakings!

p/s: Thanks for the mention too!

Adelene said...

waaaaaa. that pic again. why picit? xD lol good luck 7th panda holder, 4th blue panda :P & the newest panda :)

Pandaron! the oh so mysterious yet not so mysterious one. teehee

take care

Elise said...

Hahaha.. your pets love ShoutOut too!!

Great job! Thanks for supporting ShoutOut.

Lasker said...

Congratulations Aaron. It is well done! :)

Dont worry about expectation, there is none! All for the sake of having fun, throw out your creativity right? I am sure you had good fun also .. trying to get your dog (so cute!) to nod. Hahaha.

Good news! Now its your turn to give new assignment to the next Panda wanna be. Give creative one, but not too tough so that person will be able to do it and have fun at the same time .. wheeee...

Congratulations again! Shouters FOREVER!!!

aceone said...

Turtle also got shout out! wakakaka!!!

P/s: Check this out! here

Aaron Chua said...

Criz Lai
Thank you lots. Best of luck to us all.

Adelene Tan
Got your pic from Criz. Hehe. You famous for picit one what! Mysterious Pandaron. -__-
Thanks for commenting!

Hehe~ Thank you. :)

Haha! Thanks again. Yeah I had a little fun and was rather nervous, since the time was quite short because I wanted to post it around 7pm too.
Shouters FOREVER!

Hahaha~ Special case. XD

Iwan Sanchez said...

anjing cute......

duduk kangkang eh... hahahahhaa!!

Minny said...

AHAHAH omg congrats to u :D

Aaron Chua said...

Iwan Sanchez
lol~ That last pic I imitate the statue.

Thanks lol~

a n n n a said...

tahniah tahniah! aiseh.. ur last pic really sama with the little statue o.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Congratulation!!!( Actually what is all this 'shouting' about arr??) BTw I have a post very 'similar' to ur post! Pay a visit & say what is ur opinion ( sorry can't say too much here will spoil the'fun' )Have a nice day!

Aaron Chua said...

You're the first to have commented on my pose. LOL~ Thanks ah.

Hor ny Ang Moh
Thanks. Haha~ Well, ShoutOut is a Live chat we have at our blogs.
I'll check your blog. :)

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