Thursday, July 12, 2007

Girls of Dreams

What are dreams to you? I don't mean your ambition like, becoming a star or something like that. I mean dreams that you have when you sleep. Is it just something normal like what you've been told? Like brain-activity, since brains never do sleep. Or like me, you have special dreams. More like visions, you see things that you are not supposed to see, or things that sometimes happen in reality. Some people call it a special ability. Me? I think it's more of an extra sense.

Why am I even talking about this? You see, I've been dreaming about really strange things, strange scenes. In case if you're wondering, they were not about the nightmares I had, nothing to do with nightmares at all. In fact, they were not scary, not even close to being bad dreams.

Maybe, relating them to nightmares was not right in the first place. They were rather wonderful dreams. Dreams I find difficult or impossible to forget. Dreams that most people will like. I should really get to the dream now, shouldn't I?

Dream #1.
I woke up on a bed, and the first thing I realized, was the gloomy background of the room. The walls were all dark blue in color, and the lights were rather dim. I started to move a little, and I felt something on my chest. (I don't know how I was able to actually feel it, it was just a dream.)

I looked down and I realized it's not a thing, it's someone! There's a girl, leaning onto me, her head on my chest. (Tell me, how is this not a good dream?) Carefully, I tried to move her, but I woke her up instead.

She turned and looked at me, and I was like, what?! I know this girl! (I'm not going to tell you who! But let's call her girl-A.) Why is this happening? She hugged me real tight, while me, having no control over myself (yes people, dreaming) hugged her too. We started kissing, but nothing more than that. (I'm totally honest!) The whole thing felt as if we were deeply in love with each other. And then it ended.

And several days after having that dream, I received news from someone else who told me that this girl-A (the one I dreamed of) has broken up with her boyfriend. I went like, whoa!

Of course, it didn't really hit me yet, that my dream was somehow related to her incident. That was until the second, similar dream.
Dream #2.
Almost the same thing, only this time the dream started off at a different location. I was in a sports stadium, sitting on a bench. It was at night, but all the lights were turned on, so the whole stadium was brightly lit.

And there were so many other people, sitting on other benches, some even playing basketball. Suddenly, I sense a familiar face walking to me. (You guessed it.) A friend of mine, a girl of course. (Not the same girl. Let's call her girl-B)

Strangely, I felt comfortable and really happy at that instant. As if she's my girlfriend. (Sadly, no.) Once again, the hugging scene but no kissing. (How disappointing.) And suddenly, it all ended.

Being the curious person that I am, I started thinking, maybe these dreams are signs? Maybe I should go check on dreams, do a research or something. Find out what are the true meanings behind every dream. But the curiosity only lasted until I rush out on more important things.

Naturally, old memories die and new memories bloom. It wasn't rediscovered until I was once again being informed by another person that girl-B broke up with her boyfriend!

Now, tell me, are all of these happenings merely coincidences? Or are they truly connected, like that extra sense I said earlier?

Right now, I'm waiting for a third dream to come by. I don't want people to break up, but really, I want to know if these dreams of mine are really signs, or everything was just happening at the same time. So, pray real hard I don't dream about you, who have boyfriends.


Jessica said...

Damn...your dreams are more like fortune cookies.

Them dreams could be godsend or it could be a warning. It could even be your subconsciousness telling you it's time to find someone. You'll never know.

Aaron Chua said...

Fortune cookies! Cool! LOL~
That find-someone thing, yeah, I think so too. But no chance lah wei~

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Wow this is consistent dream... look it up online and find some clues! I love dreams! Full of hidden meaning!

De Pianist said...

woa..two girls ya..who knows.......they like you now?wahaha~...=p!

for me, dreams are made up of something or someone you seen before in the past and an incident will form from there,be it funny,weird,romantic,horrific..etc.it can be signs to you too.i have one incident that happen exactly the same right after i dream it..cool huh?ha..but i don't get this kind of dream everytime le..(instead i always experienced dejavu more than this..)

Aaron Chua said...

Yeah, but I don't know. I think this is some kind of sign.

De Pianist
I wish! LOL~
I had a lot of Deja Vu too. I think it's really weird.

Iwan Sanchez said...

wah.. sometimes, its a sign dude!

hmmm.. kinda ironic hor..

well.. only u have the answer..


p/s: NICE dream!!

conan_cat said...

lol what a sign XD maybe you should go open a booth and ask people to pay you to sleep and dream lol... erm how long it is between these 2 dreams? 2 weeks? 4 months?? lol

Aaron Chua said...

Iwan Sanchez
Yes man~ LOL...
Nice dream indeed. XD

Open a booth? lol~ Later I cannot sleep, die wei~
The time between the 2 dreams, months apart. I think it's more of a sign than a dream.

a n n n a said...

at least u dun get repeated dreams as in dreaming the same dream several times. huuhuuuu..

CRIZ LAI said...

It could be a coincidence or a sign. To me it's merely an alarm clock. Firstly, your mind subconsciously yearn for something that you have missed for so long, a companion. It's a hint to remind you that you have been lacking in courage and determination to seek love. It maybe due to your past experience of being hurt deeply. Now it is reminding you again. So get you butt up from that computer of yours and seek your true love!

Aaron Chua said...

a n n n a
You're having that problem? Err, again?

Alamak, you sound true enough. lol~
I should do that now. *leaves computer*

miChi3 said...

i think u can dream of me!
I do not have BF..hehe..
anyway, cool dreams..
and u can actually remember the dreams?

Aaron Chua said...

Haha~ Maybe you'll get one after I dream of you?
Oh yeah, I can remember most of my dreams pretty well. Hehe~

=jaecywong= said...

hi~ just dropping by... guess ur dreams are special... i can't remember mine.. which is good..cos most of them are scary....

erlynda said...

dream is always the opposite of reality. i love to dream though... it helps me escape life for a while. :)

Aaron Chua said...

Scary dreams? Like the nightmare I had? Or something simpler?

Always the opposite? Always? You sure? LOL~

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