Monday, July 9, 2007

I need to get me new shoes~

Ever since the Transformers movie fever, everything is becoming robots. Even shoes are transforming! Many people are posting pictures on the newer shoes. Like this:

Nike Takara
Nike Takara

Got this picture from KeeeKeee's blog. It's cool how they design shoes and robots. Even the shoe laces can be used as err, whips? Hmmm~

Pictures are not all good. You got to check out the video to see the shoe transform. Now big shoes like that okay lah~ But if regular sized shoes, one stomp on it, and it goes bye-bye. Lousy but cool bots.

Cool transformer video

Want them shoes? You don't walk in them, they walk for you.


Dexterity said...

Walao eh...

yeng lo...

haha, Aaron, y dun u buy 1 of that...

ItchyHandseng said...

Those are shoess?wow.YENG.How much 1 pair?

conan_cat said...

wah really cool lor! :D i wanna make one pair too, but nike is too expensive to use liddat hahaa... sakit hati lor!

Aaron Chua said...

You mean the big or small one? Hehe~

The big one, not for sale. Small ones, not that I know of. LOL~

Eh Conan, you cannot make them with just any shoe. You have to buy just these models. Yah not cheap man~

Sasha said...

how to walk if they transformed. ? hahah a
but then its a nice show....

Iwan Sanchez said...


Holy cow! That was awesome and unique!


nevr see before in my entire lifE!

Aaron Chua said...

They become robot and carry you. XD

Iwan Sanchez
Now that you know it, can get one for me? lol~

DLG said...

omg lah! so cool!!!

autobots transformmmmm!!!!!

milky ~ pearly said...

wayyy cool...
so creative la them

Aaron Chua said...

I watched twice! LOL~

milky ~ pearly
Yeah! You wanna buy one? For me?

babyfiona said...

hey! its really cool! My frend actually sent me the picture of the shoe transform. But true enough, really sakit hati to pijak on it..

Aaron Chua said...

Cannot pijak one! LOL~ They are toys, not shoes. Pijak will hancur, hati will kecai also. XD

CRIZ LAI said...

How I wished my computer can scan and transformed into the latest model... haha. Anyway, the YouTube movie rocks!

Aaron Chua said...

I want a car man. lol~

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