Wednesday, July 4, 2007

From blog quitting, to birds humming~

Have you ever felt like you want to quit blogging?
Having a head full of stress in thinking on what to blog about?
Found yourself a new hobby and blogging has became boring?
Lost interest in it and don't find any benefits in blogging?
Or like me, lacking the time, unable to focus, therefore the very few updates in weeks, and the drop of blog visits.

Things like these almost always bring people down. And if you're that kind of people who can channel the negative energy and transform it into some motivation, good for you. Apparently, I failed in doing so. Hence, the feeling of quitting this blog-activity.

Maybe it's because I felt lonely? How true is that?
Maybe it's because I'm the only Klang blogger? Cannot be what.
Maybe it's just me.

Now, here's the story. There's a pair of humming birds, both black and yellow in color, always flying around in the garden of my home. It didn't quite bother me until one day, I realize the floor is always full of nonsense like dry leaves, small flowers, strings, and hair?! I mean hair?! Where are all these rubbish coming from? I look up and saw this.

bird nest 1
A bird nest!

And then my grandma came and told me to get rid of it, because the birds will only create more rubbish. But of course, I ignored her. Why destroy their home? They aren't noisy like crows, or eat disgusting stuff from the trash cans. Instead, they make my home sound peaceful with that daily chirp-chirp bird talk, and they eat from flowers, good for the flowers, too.

bird nest 2
Slightly closer

Well, their first baby-bird made it. I saw it with my own eyes, it came out from its nest, flew for the first time and got scared like crazy when I got closer to look at it. And days after, my grandma decided to tidy up the garden and somehow disturbed the nest. The birds left for good!

bird nest 3
Closer than slightly closer

So I thought, no more birds. Nothing is special about my home now. *Cries* No wait, the birds left but the nest is still there. My grandma didn't remove the nest. But what the heck, no birds.

Until one fine day (last week I think), the floor is full of nonsense again. At first, I thought, where did all these rubbish came from? Whoa! Got hair some more! Wait, hair? That felt really familiar. And then, I look up.

2 bird nests
They're back!

That means I have 2 bird nests now, like what you see in the photo.
And this time around, I took a shot for the colors to be obvious and below is the result.

humming bird
Wild pets

Still the same pair of birds. They must really like my garden a lot.


Iwan Sanchez said...

hello bro,
i can understand how u feel... there are times that i also feel that i wanna stop blogging..

but ur entries damn good so pls cont to do so..


ok, back to ur entry, i tink its lucky to have two bird nests in ur home.. hahaha!! maybe u need to buy some lucky numbers lah..


d'Fish said...

what la you... got keep birdy in house. how oso... are your burung house trained... keep blogging...

DLG said...

relax dude!! *gives chill pill*

and omg lah! the nest macam macam ada x_x

Rabbit said...

Oi?! Apa u is the only Klang blogger? I fake wan meh?! *pouts*

CRIZ LAI said...

Well Aaron...you also realized the sudden quietness within the blogosphere. I stopped commenting for two weeks with some family emergencies and bad internet connections in hand and my comments dropped terribly as i hardly can comment with the slowness of the connection. What happened to the other 95% of my so called blogroll friends? Are they facing the same problem as I do or are they having the concept of "you don't comment, I don't comment"?

Hey...do not remove the two nests in your garden. That's good feng shui for prosperity.

p/s: If you feel like you are lonely, join us in the ShoutOut on the left of my blog. It's a LIVE chat for Malaysian!

Aaron Chua said...

Iwan Sanchez
My entries damn good? Ah, I didn't think someone would actually tell me that. lol~ Thanks a lot.
Eh I don't gamble lah~ Hahaha!

Trained? LOL~ They're wild. Well, I'll try and keep my blog interesting.

Whoa~ You actually commented. lol~
Yeah the nest is made out of all sorts of stuff.

I wanted the post to sound lonely mah~ Hahaha.

Yeah everything is kinda slowing down eh?
Alamak~ Comment pun mau kira kah? lol~ Some people are really strange.
And no, I don't intend to remove the nests. In fact, I want them there. I think it's lucky to have birds in my garden, as long as they're not crows.
And yeah I'm now a Shouter! Phwroar!~

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

OOoOoohhhh..... So that's what they are.

A friend has got the same nest in her house and we didn't know what it was.

Aaron Chua said...

So now you know. Hehehe~

La'enCier said...

OMG the bird nest looks gross

Aaron Chua said...

What do you expect? lol~ Made out of rubbish what.

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