Tuesday, July 3, 2007


|||This is an all word post. A rather boring one, in fact.|||

I've been away for quite some time now. Did many things. Birthday parties, farewell parties, more farewell parties, et cetera. Most of my friends are headed off, to their study places. Some even flew to Sabah and won't be coming back until Chinese New Year.

Suddenly, everything is moving into another stage. To me, it's like the whole definition of life changed, too. I no longer think like how I used to think. The way I handle things have changed. Even the things that I do, are slightly different now. I guess that happens when one grows. Heck, now I'm feeling older.

Come to think of it, it's been 20 years and I've done so little. How am I going to become successful in less than 10 years time? The way I look at it, very difficult. Nothing is impossible, impossible is nothing? That is only useful when you've ran out of things to say, to those whom you try and help. Really, there are some things, you cannot rely on will power alone. Hard work? Yeah it'll get you somewhere, but not my kind of success. Combine both? Yeah you could become someone really good at work, but you're not alone. Everyone else is working as hard, some even harder. What? Work smart? Exactly what does work smart mean? It seems to most that, there is no clear meaning to work smart. In fact, some people even thought it's better because it sound smart. Smart is better than hard anyway.

Anyway, what are your chances to become successful when there are so many other talented people already doing well at work? Hmmm~ It really makes me wonder what kind of future I'm going to have. Sometimes, I think it's better to have everything all planned out.

To my friends who all went to rather faraway places, you know, good things don't come easy, good things don't come cheap. I wish y'all success, and you guys will always be the coolest bunch of old friends. Nastroviet! (cheers, in Scottish)
And to all blog-friends who're still studying, good luck.
Me? bad luck.

End of wordy post.


Iwan Sanchez said...

heelo bro,
successful comes with a price.. u are still young.. so i tink u shudnt feel so dejcted by ur friends and stuffs..

Everyone is unique and in life there's always up and downs..

cheer up ok!!

Aaron Chua said...

Gee~ I didn't think anyone would have read and even commented on this one. lol~
Anyway, you're right. Thanks.

CRIZ LAI said...

Hey..you won't be alone when there are still people like us around. Try to concentrate more on the present and stop worrying about the past and the future. You are who you are and nobody can change how you behave and act. Life is still a long way to go.

20 years is just the beginning of life, the beginning of your step into the working world. Who knows, you may even excel better in your own field compared to your other friends who have left for overseas studies.

So cool down and live as how you would want it to be and stop worrying more. Have a nice day :)

Aaron Chua said...

Don't worry be happy huh? Haha~ Okay. Thanks for the advice man.

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