Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Another birdy post~

Alright, so I've been running everywhere, taking photos of everything I find interesting, or anything that moves. What for? For fun. I'm experimenting on the Macro, and it's fun to play with. But Macro is only clear when you're taking close-up shots, no? I tried zooming in from far with Macro turned on, and the result is a very blur photo. Please, do correct me if I'm wrong.

Anyway, I was walking around my grandma's place early in the morning, and then I saw this:

Took the shot with Macro turned on. This beetle was moving really quick.

Well, I don't like insects, so I normally kill them as soon as I see them. But I didn't kill this beetle until after I took the shot. I feel bad. (Amitabha~ lol~) And suddenly, I heard noises coming from my garden, which is just next door. What kind of noise? Remember about the birds? No? Here, I'll remind you - Read this post. And so, they were flying everywhere and sitting on unusual spots. Like this:

Above the old nest?

Yes, this is unusual. Why? Because they normally don't. They'd fly straight to their nest to sit, or fly away again to come back with more food. And there was the other bird:

Those wires and tubes connect to the aquarium. It was moving up and down the wire. I'd like to think it's panicking.

So, naturally, I looked around my garden and I saw something. Something I've seen before, but this time, much closer.

A baby bird!

Yeah so it's not my first, but I get to take photos of this one. And I told my grandma about it, so she came and look. Why? Because she thought that the birds have left and kept telling me she's going destroy the nests, while I've been telling her the birds were there all along.

Near the tire (Tyre, if you learn the British English)

And I was about to drive out to get some of my stuff done. What did I do next? Heh~ I waved and made all kinds of noise to scare the bird away from my car. Sadly, it fled to underneath the car. I had to catch it and place it somewhere else. And so I did.

Under the table

A safer place, for the time being. As long as the dogs stay out of my garden. And then, off I went to settle my things. After about an hour, I return home to find the bird resting on my mother's old bicycle.

Dusty. And since when did we have a glove hanging at the basket? Never seen it before.

More birdy photo, with obvious Macro effect, no?

And then, my favorite photo, not because of the quality (fact is, it's rather blur), but looking at the bird parent feeding the little bird just makes me feel happy, I don't even know why.

Birdypapa: Here, mum-mum~
Birdybaby: Aaaaaaaaaaaaa.....

Birdypapa reminds me of Benjipapa, though. (LOL~) But anyway, it's different when you look at the real thing. You won't feel so much, because it happens too quickly. And the next one, without zoom. And that's how close I got, to take its photo. Face to face!

What are you looking at?!

End of birdy post.


benjipapa said...

Tat reminds u of me????swt... im BenjiPapa...no BirdyPapa.. haha..:P:P... sigh..

Elise said...

Chu Bee!!!!

Your house got variety of pets one :P

CRIZ LAI said...

It's not everyday that you can shoot photos as good as those you have shown. Open a folder and keep them safely. It might become useful later. Well done. Love the last photo the most :)

De Pianist said...

oh my...those birds look soo cute~ especially the last picture..awwwhhh...=p..

btw,i used macro quite a few times..i like the effect where it focus on the object you wanna take it and make the background become blur..=p

Aaron Chua said...

Don't sigh. Hahaha~

Yeah~ Haha. What's Chu Bee, though?

Criz Lai
Seriously? Those are good photos? Haha~ Thanks.

De Pianist
Yes har? Haha~ Macro is fun! :)

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