Friday, July 6, 2007

Come another day when bloggers meet with more bloggers~

Calling out to Malaysian bloggers!
Well, nothing much for me to say. I'm not one of the organizers, I don't know Elaine personally, and I'm still figuring out the way to get there.
Wait, you don't know what I'm talking about?
Check out the banner or flyer or anything you wish to call it, below.

Malaysian Blogger Day!
Whoa! So many gathering these days!

Well I think I'm going. Yeah thanks to Cedric who reminded me, or I would have forget about the whole thing.

So, anyone else going? Anyone from Klang? Maybe just one?


bevE said...

lol "Real malaysian bloggers" ? if not real then what?

food need to pay ka =P

Aaron Chua said...

Not real, must do strip dance! LOL~
Written there, free drinks & food. You can pay to me if you want, though.

Dragon Head said...

hahaha.... the "real" thing is funny.. i was also wondering about it before i read Beve comment... however i wanna go la.. but i'm in Penang .. haiz.. so sad

papajoneh said...

Long time didn't see u Aaron. How are you?
Wow another Bloggers Meeting? Real Malaysian? Come on... :D

AceOne118 said...

If no frienster blog kenot go ar?

Iwan Sanchez said...

wah!!so gatal ar.. strip dance?? hahaha!!

hmmm.. sadly, these outings/ gatherings is applicable to malaysian bloggers jer..


Aaron Chua said...

Dragon Head
That was how I felt about the Penang's gathering! LOL~

I'm not so fine. LOL~ Yah that Elaine lor. -__-

No need friendster lah. It's just a cafe. Go makan-makan meet nia.

Iwan Sanchez
Eh, you don't have to do. I don't wanna see you strip. LOL~
SG also got gathering right?

angie said...

but im not adverlets member wor..

Aaron Chua said...

Not member also can join! Go to Elaine's page and give her your name and link. :)

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