Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A mystery that has to be solved~

What's the worst dream you've ever had?
Monsters raiding a town? An accident? A natural disaster, like say, an earthquake?

Well unless there's a mad scientist who wants to try wicked experiments on others, there'd be no monsters.
Accidents happen everyday, so it's boring.
An earthquake in Malaysia, hmmm~ So far, only tremors.

Have you anything special?
I don't know if mine's special, but I think it's bizarre.

See, I've been having this same dream since I was much younger.
While dreams like this are usually a warning from, well, the brain to try and stop you from taking any risks, depending on what you dream of.

In my case, geez~ I have no idea what my brain's trying to tell me.
I'll explain about the dream now.

I was walking alongside the corridor of a row of shops with err, well no one but strangers all around.
Eventually, the row of shops come to an end. I looked around.

What a lively zone to hang out! The colorful lights, the crowd, the heat!
Everyone smiled at me as they walk pass, I responded with a nod, everytime.

Suddenly, for God-knows-what reason, I lost my balance and fell into a drain.
It's a big drain - as wide as a two-lane road, and it's so deep that it makes me feel as if it goes all the way down into the core of Earth, or Hell.

I held onto the edge of the drain, unable to gather enough strength to pull myself up.
Also at that time, all the people suddenly turn pale. No one noticed me. I shouted, I yelled, I screamed......
I cried.

That lively zone, suddenly turn into a zone of walking dead. The expression on everyone's face was, dead. No one blinked, no one talked, the whole place just shutted down, totally quiet. Only footsteps can be heard.

The colorful lights faded, leaving only really dim lights.
Still holding on, with no voice left in me, I started to struggle.
Soon, my hands started shaking, showing signs that indicated to me, that they're going to give up in about seconds.
I cried even louder. And before I knew it, everything in front of me was pitch black.
And I woke up.

"What kind of dream was that?!", I asked myself after sitting up on my bed.
I dried my tears and sweat, and decided to stay awake until the next bed-time.

That happened not once, but 8 - 10 times since I was still in secondary school. Exactly the same!

So like, do you have any similar experience?
Do you know how to solve these sort of problems?
Share a bit lah~ Hehe~


pinksterz said...

it means you are just shot by a certain medic student in egypt for pissing her through your message in the cbox.

or the player in your brain need service. keep on switching the replay button only. must be something wrong with the components inside

or maybe you are just weird.

heheh. :P

Aaron Chua said...

Pinksterz, you're just the sweetest person ever. lol~
And yes I am weird.

Sasha said...

haha that day i dreamt that i lost my diamond wedding ring. I think i shouted when i was sleeping! hahah *phew* luckily its a dream only

Abcchin said...

yes. encounter before. mine was a roller coaster ride out of nowhere.. since i was 13 yrs old. i still have that weird dream till now. and it freaks me out. i was riding a roller coaster and i still remember in the dream i fall from a place where i dunno how far from the ground. gila right?

bubbly soda said...

you know how dreams are the unconcious self? maybe there is something that is in you that you face. and they say falling means insecurity issues... i've got those too. no worries!

kyliemc said...

erm,ya!!when i was in primary skool..every nite without fail.i had 2 scary dreams which interchanged...

sumtimes it's d 1 where i was at d back seat of d car which my dad was driving.my whole family was in it.i was sitting nearest to the car door.suddenly it swung open and i fell head outside.i was screaming like mad for help coz we were at the highway and all the cars were extremyly fast.a car was coming near us and i was still afraid.i screamed like mad as i was afraid tht the car would overtake dad's car and thus i would be headless.my cuzzie was trying his best to pull me back in2 the car but sumhow my position didnt change at all.everytime the car almost reached me,i woke up.scary 2 d max!

another 1 was outta a sudden my fren picked up an argument wif me at the staircase.we were shouting at each other.other frens were trying 2 resolve the prob but tht gurl suddenly came fwd and gave me a push.i fell tumbling the staircases and cried for help.sumhow no1 was fast enuff to catch me.

Minny said...

dreams are just.. weird aren't they ?
our unconscious mind :P
i once read that dreams are hidden agendas or things that we least want to happen to us.

i had this dream that i went to genting highlands, it was crap that place. the roller coaster was made of wood LOL. the indoor park was flooded and i got chased by a super ugly clown. so geli kays :(

Aaron Chua said...

Sasha: LOL~ You startled your whole family?

Abcchin: Wah! That means you mar dare not play roller-coaster? More gila than mine! LOL~

bubbly soda: Insecurity eh? Hmmm~

kyliemc: Eh? 2 dreams? But that was primary school, so your problem is solved. lol~

Minny: Dreams are beyond weird. lol~ So you were in Genting Haunt-lands lah? LOL~

CRIZ LAI said...

Hmmm…from what I can understand…you have a very monotonous time growing up to be what you are now. What you yearn for in life is a little bit more of liveliness, actions, attention, recognition and affection. There are many barriers in your life and these stop you from what you aim for. It could be your family members or even the people surrounding you. No one seems to care about you or what you want in life. When you are down and needed someone to talk to or to comfort you, no one takes you seriously. Life has been really uneasy for you. The future is still a long way to go, so be a fighter, be strong, be more hardworking. I’m sure you can see the “light” gets brighter as you move further into your life.

Disclaimer: this is only the author's assumption and not be taken too seriously :P

Aaron Chua said...

CRIZ LAI: Yeah that's quite true. I'm a sad man.

kyliemc said...

yaya..prob solved but dun hope anything new crops up :P

Simmy said...

you have dreams simply because you're too tired, try to sleep more and dont preahkin think so much ! hahaha...

Qiqi said...

I have this kind of dream before but it's not the same as yours.. it makes me feel so helpless, like one day everyone will really leave me and i have to carry on by myself.. :(

Abcchin said...

i still NG CHI SEI.. =_= i still play one.. cox i like the thrill but worried tho

Aaron Chua said...

kyliemc: Should be fine as long as you have no stress, which apparently is impossible. LOL~

Simmy: Hmmm~ Different people define dreams in a different way. My perspective, is that dreams don't happen without a reason. lol~

Qiqi: Yeah it's really lonely. Like Criz Lai's comment.

Abcchin: Yeah, it sucks to not being able to participate in such thrilling stuff. Good thing mine's just drain, and I see drains everyday. LOL~

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Well I did research on dreams b4 since i suffer from sleep paralysis and dream of the future reality. But then again each individual has their way of dreaming things.

In ur case, from what I would understand lah! Hopefully it helps! Seeing that you dream of this since young, it doesn't seem like it's telling the future like the way I experience constantly. It is more like your sub-conscious mind. You have a fear or a 'skeleton-in-closet' as I would say. Meaning... do you have a secret or fear or both with you through your life around the time when ur dreams occur? Or was there a failure that u faced that now affect your entire life? Falling is a symbol of failure. People ignoring you even if you call, a symbol of fear or disappointment.

Think carefully what you went through or still going through the same problem since ur secondary school life!

Well I'm no professional! I only did my own constant research as I dream of the future. Hehe like get this: the night before yesterday I dream about being kissed and my friend was there in the kissing scene. Next day (yesterday) my friend (from my dream) called me saying that he was kissed! Haha!

CRIZ LAI said...

Nastasshea@Nesh: can I hv the 4 digits for this weekend's Magnum 4D, Toto and Damacai?? hehehe

Mischique said...

I don't know why but your dream reminded me some of the scenes in Resident Evil...LOL...

a n n n a said...

my dream very dasyat lar.. it's normal for me to get repeated dreams since young. I dream every night and my friends find it WEIRD. Haihz.. At least u dream u jatuh longkang. I dreamt bout ppl chasing me to put me BACK into the coffin. There are times i dream about running or falling off cliffs/tall buildings. i'm running, but not moving at all.. >.< dreams are mysterious!!

Aaron Chua said...

Nastasshea@Nesh: Gee that's cool! So you have that "Early-Edition" thing in your head! LOL~

CRIZ LAI: LOL! Eh if got I also want to join.

Mischique: Resident Evil?! No it's not that horrible. lol~

a n n n a: Wah~ You're being sacrificed? LOL~ Eh running but not moving, you running on a treadmill kua~ Next time, look down and see. Hahaha~

sc_Bone said...

wah... every1 oso bad dream...

let me share u my COOL dream

i dreamt i become SPIDERMAN!!
well, not really spidey la...
in dat dream i can control each n every spider in this world, n im on mission 2 save a cheerleader ( save the world, maybe) that got trapped in the villains big complicated castle

cool eh?

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