Friday, June 29, 2007

The sound from my car, could it be?!

Ignore the title and answer this question. Where can you find the coolest cube in the world?
Answer is, inside the Transformers movie.
Oh man, this opening is weird. Ignore that as well. I think I'm sick.

Their War, Our World.

Surely you'd realize by now, that this post is dangerous? I don't mean I'll get into trouble because of this, well...... Maybe yes. Spoilers are bad, no?
Never mind. I'll skip the main story and just put up pictures and see what I can say about the pictures.


The cool part of the trailer, and I thought he's the bad guy when I saw the trailer. Really, he's just "naked". They have to scan a vehicle's shape to get the colors.

Alright now, who's the coolest of the Autobots?

I think he is.

Optimus Prime! So cool, I even thought of collecting the model! But, not cheap lah~ Look at pictures enough. lol~ But the way the robots look, are much different if compared to the original cartoon.

The real piece.

Look at the details! Damn sophisticated! Now I really feel like buying the model. Anyone rich and reading my blog? Drop a comment if you're kind enough to buy me one. LOL~

Where is this place?

I don't know where, but it looked like some kind of mosque or temple to me. Hmmm~

Anjac Fashion Blogs?

Who owns them blogs? Got huge promotion wei~ lol~ They should have included the URL, though.

Bumble Bee

Float like a butterfly, sting like a "bumble" bee. No not Ali, Bumble Bee.


That's the name of the Autobot in this image. He's got the most destructive guns among the Autobots? I, especially, like that part when he bounced/flipped off the ground using the impact of his cannons.

Autobots in vehicle form.

Cool rides. Normally, I'd tell you the coolest is that Chevrolet Camaro (Bumble Bee), or maybe that Pontiac (Smallest of Autobots, acts like a monkey), but this time around, I'll say the truck because it's Optimus Prime!

Well, there are more Autobots, but I can't find the pictures. Plus, after scrolling through so many photos, eyes a bit blur lah~

Scorponok, the scorpion-like Decepticon (Decepticons are bad guys).

And soldiers running really fast to save their lives. Yeah think about it, small scorpions can kill men easily with their deadly poison. Big ones like Scorponok don't use poison, but the spiky tail stings and kills almost instantly.

Is this Barricade?

He look like he is. What do you mean who? Who's Barricade, you mean? He's one of the Decepticons, too. Should be the smallest among the bigger ones. lol~

The ultimate bad guy! Also the biggest in size.

Megatron, who looks really different in the cartoon version. He killed that Pontiac Autobot so easily, kinda like a Tyrannosaurus-Rex toying with its prey. In the end, what he wanted most became the tool that killed him.
Again, I couldn't find all of the Decepticons.

He skates!

A Decepticon, but I don't remember his name.

Optimus Prime versus the Skater (still cannot recall)

This fight lasted for like, 1 minute? Maybe less. Optimus Prime beheaded the Skater (forgive me already) easily, with his cool hot weapon. Cool, hot. Here, cool means cool, and hot means hot in temperature.

But I think the hottest is not any freaking weapon. Really.


That's what I call hot! Not hot in temperature lah~ Hot here means hot!
Argh~ Never mind.

Back to the movie, I think it's good. Got re-watch value also. lol~
Rating? You go watch and rate yourself lah~ This is not a review, anyway. It's err...... It doesn't matter.
I'm feeling really weird tonight. Maybe it's because I sang too much during the Karaoke session like, hours ago. And if you read my blog 2 days later, it'll be 50+ hours ago.
.......... End~


Iwan Sanchez said...


everyone is raving abt transformers nowadays.. hehehehe!!!

i also love transformers.. i grew up with them.


sing too much ar??? tsk..tsk...

De Pianist said...

ooolala...those transformers really look damn cool lah..my friends been recommending this movie to me too,so will be planning to watch it during semester break..hiakshiaks!=p

Aaron Chua said...

Iwan Sanchez
Yeah but if you ask kids nowadays, they wouldn't know what's Transformers. lol~
Yeah I sang for like, 3 hours straight. -___-

De Pianist
Ya damn cool! Also quite funny at times. Hehe~ Have fun.

Dragon Head said...

aarh.. i'm gonna watch in in an hours time d!!! hahaha... since u say so nice, i must buy more popcorn d!!! :)

Minny said...

this is the BEST movie everrrrrrrr :D
mikaela memang hot la.
no doubt bout it
im a girl and i'm agreeing LOL


Aaron Chua said...

Dragon Head
I'm going to watch it again! Muahahaha~

Hahaha~ I even finished playing the game. lol~

CRIZ LAI said...

Cool...the last photo of yours rocks. What a ROBOT? R.O.B.O.T. = Remarkably One Blinding Oversized Teats :P

Aaron Chua said...

Oh yeah! Damn rocking. lol~
As for the robot thing. -___- Oversized teats? LOL~

Jasonmumbles said...

Skater = Devastotor. It was supposed to be Brawl. :D

quasimotto said...

Anjac fashion blogs
is actually
Anjac fashion bldgs.

it's funny how many of us thought it was blogs (myself included)

Fallen said...

The skater is not devastator or brawl. It is bonecrusher, a constructicon. Brawl is the tank u see in the movie. Devsatator is a combination of constructicons available in Transformers 2

boxers said...

Cool........... interesting post.

Anonymous said...

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