Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Brain exercise~

Gee~ My mind is totally blank.
I've been thinking for hours, about what to do, what to post. And yet, nothing came to me.
Searching, still searching.
I guess sometimes it's better to not think about it at all.

But if I do that, then surely nothing will come to me.
So I have to at least try and find something to blog about.

I revisited my old blog - Ze Opening Zone - at Friendster.
Found myself pathetic, and err, catharsis was spelt - carthasis. Right. Spelling error. lol~
So, catharsis means the release or relief of strong feelings, by acting out an impulse. It's somewhat related to psychology (you know how some people release their tension by vandalising, bullying and what not).

It's fine if you want to release whatever there is in you, but don't go around hurting people or vandalising. Me? I punched walls. lol~ And I still do.
I'm so used to it now, it rarely hurts. And walls cannot feel anything and, what? You think I have the strength to break a wall? At least it's better than hurting someone else.
Some people see me mou la la punch on wall, will ask me whether I'm okay or not. I'll normally respond "to me, it's a form of exercise".

Right~ So scanning through my old blog, I came across this post about my primary schoolmates' gathering - Rojak Reunion. And I'm thinking now, will there be another gathering of such?
This year is totally different. Most friends have finished their A levels (STPM), some are done with their diploma studies, maybe going for their degree. Some already working.
So like, it's not easy to start a group plan for all to join.
People like me, you know, I want ALL if at all possible, to show up. lol~

Ah well~
My old blog is one thing that helps remind me of past incidents, help me remember and recall that very few memorable moments of my life.
Now that I'm off with my new blog, I'm going to make history with it. Keke~

After reading 5Xmom's post about her monthly pay (I cannot get the actual link to the post because, you know how 5Xmom update her blog so often), I feel that, actually blogging also can make a lot of Gs. lol~
Work hard, work smart.

Anyway, it's really warm these days.
Even now, I'm feeling all sticky.
And all I did was eat my lunch - BahKutTeh.

Aight, I'mma take my shower now.



Rabbit said...

Oh! like that lah? Eat bah kut teh no jio lah?

Aaron Chua said...

Eh, Port Klang wor.
Plus, early in the morning with family, how jio?

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