Thursday, March 8, 2007

After hours in front of my laptop, I came up with this crap~ lol!

Bloggers' party..........................
*Sigh* I should stop thinking about it already.
It's too late now.

I mean, come on, is it not cool to go and meet up with bloggers that write in blogs you read at least once in a day?
I don't post every day, but I visit them blogs every day.

So like, another day, spent driving around town with my parents.
Thanks to my lecturer (he's got some family matters to solve? So I've been told) who has been on leave for 2 days.
What could there be in a small town like Port Klang?
I'd say nothing much.
Many villages. A long stretch of kampung area along the railway, all the way from Pelabuhan Klang to err, Teluk Pulai or Bukit Badak? I don't know. lol~
Many fruit stalls along the kampung mia jalan.

Also, Kampung Raja Uda, the best kampung in Port Klang? lol~
Seriously, this place is rather scary. They have bungalows, some are as big as clubhouses.
It never fails to mesmerize me, everytime I visit this kampung.

So like, we were driving and looking, and we came across a very nice area, consists of a few rows of semi-ds. There are a few vacant houses left. Having checking the area out, my parents decided that it's a decent place to live in and we took down the contact numbers of the house owners (quite a few houses, actually).

Judging by the size and location, I think they cost at least RM400,000.00 (aiks~ is this cheap or what?) and I don't think it's really that important to buy a new house. lol~
Come on, we need a car more than a house! Adoi~

My parents are both working overseas, leaving my sister and I at home.
The house is big enough for the both of us. I mean, why do you want to buy a big house for two person? Too free is it? Nothing better to do? Big house means more cleaning job! This house is big enough to give me the pain, and they think big house means more spacious and comfortable. Heck it is spacious, and it means more painful moments for me to endure! lol~
And right about now, we're out of a vehicle. Alright, I crashed it. I even blogged about it - here.
So like, why don't just get a car, and sell the old one when it's being repaired?
And the price of a car is most of the time, cheaper than a house.
Also, it's not like our residential area is not safe. Plus, it's very convenient to have everything nearby (I can walk around town and find all sorts of daily needs, I can reach the bus stop in a short while, et cetera) and even my grandparents live just next door.

Okay lah~ Buy both lah~ lol~

I want Myvi enough. Easy parking and not-so-high fuel consumption, and it's not expensive.
Oh and apparently the guy who told me about Myvi having Kembara's engine, was wrong.
Because I was told again by people who know better, that Myvi's engine is actually Toyota's.

And so, it's evening now.
We're going to have a steamboat dinner at home, with a steamboat set and some rather sweet ingredients.
And heck, I'm gaining weight because my parents are back at home.
It's like, they want to eat everything they love to eat before they go back to their workplace.
Where be their workplace? A place with the name - Papua New Guinea.
It's a freaking third-world country, still growing very slowly, but their currency already higher than Malaysia. Unbelievable? Believe it. lol~
Never mind with my weight.
I'm always exercising anyway.

Right about now, my parents are screaming at me, asking for my help. lol~
I should go anyway, or I'll get bombed hard by a few people that are all generations ahead of me.

Blast off~


Cedric said...

Hmmm I just wanted a Kelisa... a teeny weeny cute cute kecik kecik car and I have to wait till my exam is over then my parents will get me one, reason? I am a freako and I will not come home and study once I have my own car... -_-"

Rycerain 雨 said...

>Aaron: A house in Kampung Raja Uda!? Good place for retirees... but for you, it's like hell... damn ulu and inconvenient... u're current hse's location is the best la. And 400k+ for a semi-D in KRU is not really a good price...

>Cedric: Gimme 5! I wanted a kelisa too, a pearl while kelisa ^^ bt i've already have a second hand Iswara (DON'T buy Iswara!) which is still movable, so bersyukurlah...

Aaron Chua said...

Kelisa is good, but Myvi is better.
Because I want 1.3cc mah~ lol..

That's my parents idea lah~
But hey, it's quite outside, so it's still quite okay. I kinda like it there. But I rather buy car for now. lol~
And both Iswara and Saga also shake damn badly. The noise so loud, that you can't hear the radio. lol~

Cedric said...

haha rycerain 5!

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