Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Another reason for people to gather and "yum-seng!"~

17th of March 2007, my grandfather's birthday celebration.
Well yeah it's kind of late to post about this now, but I had to wait for the photographs and organize a little.
It's just a very normal birthday dinner.

My grandfather is already 74 years old, but still very strong.
He had this construction company, handled many constructions.
So it's pretty simple. He built houses, shops, and what not.
Until now, he still do a little bit of repairing here and there.
Reason? He want to work while he still can, for some extra income and also, to not die of boredom.
Really, what can he do if he just stay at home?
We can come online, play games and chat lah~ People like him don't even know what is windows. lol~

Well I'll just emphasize on his strength. lol~
He climbs up and down all the time. Sometimes, up the roof.
Everyone will like, "wei~ Soooo dangerous lah!" And often, I get the blame because my grandparents and I are neighbors. All the relatives will "talk three talk four" and ask me to help him. lol~
They just don't understand, it's the only thing he can do while he's at home.
If I help him in everything, he'll think that I think he's useless or something like that.
I'll only help him if he asks, or when it's obvious that he needs some help. Really, old people very scary one!

So, how was the birthday celebration like?
Standard dinner pattern. The drinkers with their "yum-seng!" all night, the aunties talking about their thing, kids making all that noise, and people like me, sitting there sipping on my glass of Coke while socializing with my cousins.

Done with the birthday song and cheering like nutcases.

Cutting the cake. My grandma chose the cake, therefore, not so nice. lol~

He freaking kissed Jasmine (My cousin sister). LOL~

Then my grandma jealous, lao-gai~ (Lao-gai means merajuk)
So he gave her a kiss too. lol~

That's about it lah~
And after the cake-cutting ceremony, some "mengader" punya orang took my photo.

Oi! Know how to take photo or not? So blurr one?!

I think this pic of mine quite stupid.
Aiyo, lousy camera like that lo! lol~
Thanks to my cousin sister who so very kindly took this photo.
And if you're reading this Aud, for your efforts, I'll help promote you a little bit, kay?

From left, Ashley, Jasmine and then Audrey.

Don't know can consider leng lui or not. LOL~


Rycerain said...

LOL... if liddat oso not leng lui, den haih, I cannot come out from my house ady, i might scare ppl...
Btw, is your grandfather drunk? He looks drunk to me XD

Aaron Chua said...

Eh cannot say like that.
I purposely wanna chi-gek them only~ lol!
He's definitely one of the "yum-seng!" kaki.
He cannot survive a day without any sort of alcoholic drink.

pinksterz said...

u said ur pic was stupid?

i tot u would love when ppl said that to u.

Aaron Chua said...

Oh yeah? How come? lol~

AceOne118 said...

Yummm Senggg!!

Thanks for visitng dude! kekeke

Aaron Chua said...

Yeah well I visit your blog everytime I check my blog, so like, don't so hak-hei~ lol.

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