Sunday, March 18, 2007

I can't think of a title for this~

Still is freaking warm~
Good thing the new Myvi is Silver in color.
If it's black, gee, it'll be freaking hot like oven inside!
Dark color absorbs heat, while bright reflects.
Is that correct?
Of course it is~

Parents are leaving for Papua New Guinea tomorrow in the afternoon.
So like, we won't be seeing until August or September 2007~
Hmmm, nah, we can still see each other through msn, with webcam of course.
And so tonight, will be our last dinner together before tomorrow's goodbye.

Like, I have to leave home in minutes and I'm still posting.

I think after this, my life will change, for the better.
Yeah. I've been thinking about things really deep lately.
I know what I want, I will go for it.
My dream will come true! Hoho~

Also, more money will be flowing in.
Ngek ngek~

And I'm still looking for good music~
Anything good at all.

In the meantime, let's celebrate a little, for me, to taking my first step in what I will become of.
I want to start a plan of something.
I'll be thinking hard.
And college, is still quite tough. I'm still getting used to things after such a freaking long period of time.
Hmmm, aight I havta to prepare now. So like, till the next post~
Peace to all~


pinksterz said...

going for those idol audition ke?

Aaron Chua said...

I hope can lerh..
But takut sial~

Rycerain 雨 said...

confidence! confidence! u'll surely have many supporters!

Aaron Chua said...

Determination, strong will power, but no skill lol~

Rycerain 雨 said...

walao... u like this no skill, den i mah no voice?!! turn one round shoot me meh.... LOL....
btw u said u're going to record one more but till now din receive it leh...
when is it coming?

Aaron Chua said...

Mic all broken because my singing sucks~ lol..
Nah, I don't know which song to sing.
Eh, okay, it wouldn't be enough to have just skills, need good voice also.
My voice, damn funny wei~ lol..

Rycerain 雨 said...

aiyo, not funny... use the word special...
if ur voice is just like anybody else, how to shine out n be famous? ur voice is ur trademark leh... LOL..

Aaron Chua said...

It's not making me feel any better.

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