Monday, March 5, 2007

We can all make a difference~

Like, is the weather really hot or what?!
Yeah it's after Chinese New Year and the weather around this time is usually very warm.
But is it not a little too extreme compared to what we had like, few years back?

I cannot drive home without turning the air-cond temperature and fan speed to the max.
I cannot sit on my sofa, in my hall when the air-cond's not turned on.
Well, I can, actually. But I'll be sweating like shit~

I read an article this morning (I forgot which newspaper, I think TheSun?) talking about the problem we're facing now - global warming.
I know little about global warming, very little.
So like, what is the cause to it? I don't know for sure. But if you ask me, I'll tell you this.
Some freaking stuff that contributed to the deterioration of the earth's ozon layer (it was a type of gas known as CFC, and I forgot what is it in full - Carbon Fluoride Crap? Blah~), was one of the cause. Pretty simple, because the layer got thinner and thinner, until it's really thin like what we have now. The ultra-violet ray hits the surface of earth, more intense then ever. The heat that reaches the surface, is much warmer too. Because more sunlight is penetrating the very thin layer of what's left of our atmosphere.
Carbon dioxide, however, casts a greater impact on our very atmosphere.
We get tonnes of carbon dioxide, emitted by so many things we use in our everyday life, in just a single day. So, our earth is dying. No wait, we'll drive ourselves to extinction before the earth actually dies.

What else? Global warming lah~
Icebergs melt, causing the water level to rise.
What are the effects?
Again, if you ask me, I'll tell you this.
We'll lose precious land, many lower lands will flood, and it's not going to go away.
That will also bring up the price of land? This, I cannot say for certain.
What's more? Oh yeah, wildlife. Animals will start migrating. How can I put this... Hmmm... It's like, animals from cooler parts of the earth will start appearing everywhere to look for new habitats. That's good and bad. Good is that we get to find out more about some unknown species (heck, just recently, scientists found many new species emerging from the deep. So like, I'm not making this up. lol~ Don't believe? Go read the news), while the bad I think, is really quite bad. We will either see the extinction of them due to the lost of their habitat, food, et cetera, or some ancient ice monster suddenly breaking out of its icy-cool prison and eat us human beings to extinction. lol~
Imagine all those years hibernating. From what I read, some specimens show that these creatures were frozen and preserved by the ice? Or still living inside the ice? Whatever be it, they are at least 2000 years old (wait... 2000 or 12000?!). If you want the exact figure, you have to check out the news. lol~ I left my newspaper at college and I'm scratching my head now.
Okay let's just assume it's 2000 years old. An ice monster, slept for 2000 years, wakes up and feels hungry, so hungry that it'll eat for another 2000 years before it goes back to hibernation. lol~ Too much time spent on video games and this is what you'll get.

We can totally reverse what our world is today, all the way back to what we used to have. But of course, it's not going to happen in a day. Experts said (I forgot who, but hey, check out the news. lol~) it'll take decades, even centuries, before we see our one and only earth being restored, back to what our world is supposed to be.

How to freaking reverse? Do anything you can to NOT contribute to the deterioration of our earth. Plant trees. Greens help a lot. Trees absorb a lot of carbon dioxide.
Aiyo, read the news, they teach you everything. lol~

Okay lah~
I also lazy to explain jor.
More green, less gas!!!


Rycerain said...

what an environmental post... and ur imagination is somewhat too much... haha... choon lei lorr...

Aaron Chua said...

what is "choon lei lorr"?

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