Saturday, March 3, 2007

Crappy session~

I love Fridays. I don't have any class to attend on Fridays, and tomorrow is Saturday, which means weekend, and weekends are most of the time, more interesting.

So like, my grandpa's car is finally out - Perodua Myvi.
My family and I went to check out the car after our dinner.
Not bad at all for a Malaysian car.
It's got rather okay looks, and it's quite powerful since it's got Perodua Kembara's engine in it, and it's much lighter than Kembara (that's according to what someone told me anyway).
First time driving - yeah I agree to the performance. I mean, you can easily hit 100 and it's really smooth. The sound system okay lah~ Just you know, it's more to crisp than heavy, balanced. The air-cond is freaking cold, I think because it's new. lol~

I like it. The first Malaysian car for me to give two thumbs up. Second be Proton Perdana, because I don't like long sedan cars that much. Toyota Vios is acceptable because it's shorter. lol~

So like, let's hope I get a new Vios or Myvi, for myself. lol~

After driving the new car home, I sort of checked everything out with my father, grandpa and mother. Experimented with everything, drove out to fill up the gas tank.
And after that, drove home and drove out again, this time with my maternal grandpa's car - Perodua Kancil. lol~ Ever since the accident, I have to drive my maternal grandpa's car (luckily he lives just at the opposite row of my house) to college, to meetings, wherever I go lah~
I drove out to refill his gas tank and then return the car to him. Deep down, I feel bad for using his car, because it's his car. lol~ So like, I thanked him for a million times and walked back home.

Now now, I have another meeting to attend! Yeah drove there with the new Myvi. Tried all levels of speed. lol~
Now my grandpa have two cars. But I'm driving the Myvi until I get my car back. lol~
Then eventually, it'll become mine!
Hmmm, nah not possible. It's under his name. lol~ The only reason I get to drive that car, is because my father paid for it. So like, why don't he get me one too?
Perhaps, by selling the old car. Yeah he'll definitely think about that.
And God please make him want to do this. lol~

End of crappy session~


Rycerain said...

LOL! your wish might come true...
rmb, i was a wolf in my past life, and I have instinctual intelligence... ngek ngek..
what i predicted might be true, at least the first stage of my prediction got right....
or maybe it's supposed to be that way... whatever it is... That's good news!

Aaron Chua said...

Great thanks.
I'll think of it as something positive.

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