Saturday, March 3, 2007

True form of a hero - Spidey~

Like, I ran out of ideas to blog with.
So once again, I'm going to post just this one freaking thing from Blogthings.
Well I did say I'm done with it but well, quite fun mah~
So I do again, never mind lah~
Now, thanks to KennyNg. I read his blog and found this out. How often can you find someone or something to tell you what were you in the past life huh? Not necessarily true, because it's related to the birthdate, but for fun lah~

You Were a Spider

You tend to be the master weaver of fate - both for yourself and those you know.
A creative force, you tend to work from divine inspiration.

Spider? I was? lol~
Spiderman is cool, but spider... Say, toying a spider whenever I see one, that's like so bad. So having this saying I was a spider is rather sad, and it makes me feel bad for all those things I did on spiders (I toyed with spiders and caused the death of err, hundreds of 'em?).
I even kept spiders as pets but that was long ago.
You know, it's always fun to watch spiders hunting for their food. They jump and stalk, striking at lightning-fast speed. I mean, really, imagine if they're like, as big as us.
And if there really are spiders as big as human beings, they probably make really loud noise.

Okay now, where was I?
Oh~ I was a spider.
So like, I think from now on, I'll treat spiders with respect. lol~
I might even provide them with flies as food.
Whoever was a fly in the past life? Hehe~

*slings web and disappear*


Rycerain said...

LOL! A spidey.. good anyway...
i'm a wolf.. "ahhwooooooo" =.='''
but i don't kill wolves like what u did to the spiders...
I kill snails when i was young.... ngek ngek...
lots of them.... after it rains, i'll go on a killing rampage...
i'll squash them to snail juice with my feet, or even torture them to death with salt... omg, how cruel i was....
omitofu, i never killed an ant or mosquito now... repaying my sins... wahahaa....
- end of crap -

Rabbit said...

*gasp* Spidey! *step step on spidey*

pinksterz said...

i tried it few times and i got different animal wor. kakaka.

but my first is, erm, snake? LOL

Kenny Ng said...

U can be a hero... Spiderman! LOL

Aaron Chua said...

Rycerain: o.O snails quite cute mah~

Rabbit: Spiders kill pests! Make use of them, let them stay with you. lol~

Pinksterz: Really ar? I go try and see.

Kenny Ng: Aiya, I retire jor, only people realize my true potential.

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