Sunday, March 25, 2007

Fancy week~

Haven't been updating since a few days ago~
Have been busy with some stuff.

Watched Primevil and Mr. Bean's Holiday.

Primevil is alright to watch.
It's not that really cool, but well, I sort of enjoyed it.

Mr. Bean, however, is quite fun to watch.
Yeah. The main thing about the movie is that he makes you laugh because of his stupidity. lol~
Really, rather stupid.
But it's entertaining enough.
Worth watching.

What else am I missing?
Oh yeah~ A tag on obsessions.
Still working on that one.
It's quite difficult since I'm not really that obsessed in anything special, or anything at all.
And since my last post was quite a thing (my first, most commented post wei~ lol!), I'm starting to think that people like really weird stuff.

Alright, it's freaking midnight and I'm tired from all the talking and laughing I did earlier.
Was at Halo Cafe of Bukit Tinggi, having fun with some good old friends from my earlier college days (TAR College), friends who I don't meet so often because I left TARC around one and a half years ago. Now, the only familiar face I get to see in college, is Feon-Rabbit. lol~

Alright now, I think I'll hit the sack.
Hastalavista baby~

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pinksterz said...

put turtle in the list

and being siao


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