Friday, March 2, 2007

This was supposed to be my first tag.

Okay this tag, I delayed until I almost forgot.
Then the person who tagged me, Feon, reminded me. How sweet. *Grrr* lol~

The topic be - My Favorite 5ive - Malaysian Bloggers.
I don't have any favorites, really. So I'll just write here, the blogs I visit most often.

Number one: >>>>>>
Rojaks - I almost always check this blog before I check others. So like, this be number one eh? But less jokes these days. I think Wingz is busy attending to the Bloggers' Party, so perhaps he'll come up with more stuff when the party's over?

Number two: >>>>>>
Kennysia.com - This one is fun to read. lol~ I'm still reading through his entire archive. It's taking up a lot of my time, but people only stick to things they like, right?

Number three: >>>>>>
Tok 3 Tok 4 - This one also quite funny. But Lin Peh update very slow lah~ So I read his old posts lor~

Number four: >>>>>>
This part special a bit. I always open this few blogs at the same time. So I group them and form number four. A pLac3 t0 thR0w OuT mY feEling$, Rabbit's World, I'll walk a mile for an Emily, PINKSTERZISME, and i'M not Who U thiNK i Am.

Number five: >>>>>>
All other blogs I have in my Links section. And I don't check on them everyday. So, like that lah~

Okay I gao dim the super-old tag jor.
Nothing liao right Feon? lol~
Oh I almost forgot. Need tag people, right? I don't have anyone to tag also.
So don't have to tag lah~
Now can rest in peace.


pinksterz said...

hey, spotted my page there. ^^ tq tq.

and you do have readers la!

try to stumbled (or pretend to stumble )across ppl's blogs. then sure they come visit you. ^^

and leave them a comment or two. *hint hint*

Rycerain said...

Whey, update my blog name leh...

Aaron Chua said...

Oh okay boss~ lol

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