Friday, June 8, 2007

Continuation of lawatan tersebut~

Ah ha! Here comes the second half of my previous post - The Trip. Again, sorry about the poor quality. Some from my phone (which I think are really bad in quality) , and some from my friends' camera (shaky hands? lol~).

Let's start with photos of my phone. Lousy quality. Well, you just pretend I made it look like that on purpose. lol~

This is the set (that's what it's called, right?) for Biz World.

You should be familiar with this set if you watch the TV3's Buletin Utama, 8:00PM news, regularly.

This is the set for 大家早晨! - Dai Kah Zou San! (which means, Good Morning Everybody!), I think. lol~

mhi = Malaysia Hari Ini

Those are all the sets I visited. I didn't get to check the 8TV's part, though. Sad case. Too many things to see, in so little time. Ah well, let's continue with the rest of the photos.

I just like the wall. lol~

In the future, you'll see Aaron Chua on a real Gold Star. LOL~

And last part of the post, the people! We took just a few group photos, and well, from this point onwards, all the photos I post were taken using a digital camera (without image stabilizer, I think. lol~) or at least a better camera-phone.

The first group photo of the day, at the Berita Terkini set.

With 2 guys, whom I think are both some talk show host? I don't remember, but they're really friendly people. And if you pay attention to my legs, you'll see me tip-toed. LOL~

Again, at the Berita Terkini set. Why so many? Because it's the "set terkini" (latest set) mah! Haha~ This time, with Berita Terkini's newscaster (he did the 11:00AM's live news).

Last photo of the trip, with Shadow from China, my classmate.

That's it! I still have 2 tags to do, though. List out 5 fans of my blog (someone volunteer can? I don't know who wants to be my fan. lol~), and list out my favorite food (food pictures, first time in my blog). Well, I guarantee you with photos of better quality in the future. Hehe~

The End


Rabbit said...

tip-toed, I noticed! kekeke!

I wonder if we are really in the same college. Somehow I've never seen all your classmates before, except for the got-people-no-people-i-still-kiss-on-the-road girl.

Iwan Sanchez said...

more and more pics...

posing jer....

btw, the set looks like someone's home..


De Pianist said...

ooolala..i didn't know that the setting inside TV3 got so geng wor..hor sek didn't get to see 8TV there..before i was planning to make a trip to 8tv with my friends but failed to do so.so i'm still feeling curious.haha.=p!

Aaron Chua said...

LOL~ This is not Terengganu, they can kiss anywhere they like.
I think I know only Peng Han from UEL, besides you. Hahaha~

Iwan Sanchez
Haha yeah~ You know, that's the most cute set in the building, I think.

De Pianist
Yeah they're rather high-tech. And yes, so very the hor-sek I didn't get to check 8TV's section out. You're going? I wanna tag along. lol~

CRIZ LAI said...

Aaron is gonna be a "star"... STARFISH? :P

CRIZ LAI said...

Aaron...I just bought another camera 6.0MP Nikon Coolpix L2 with 1G memory card and a set of AA rechargeable batteries at only RM588 at a camera fair. The quality is cool. When are you getting yours?

Aaron Chua said...

Starfish is not cool. Hahaha~
Oh I bought mine too. Canon PowerShot A570IS 7.1MP, 1GB memory card, with image stabilizer and the quality is not bad.

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