Friday, June 1, 2007

Me head zis spinning~

Assignments are rushing in! My Television subject has got 3 assignments already, and heck, it's only the end of week 2!

Television subject, what sort of assignments? Watch TV lor~ Serious okay! lol~
I have to watch any series on any channel, write about what I see and hand-in the report to my lecturer on a weekly basis. It's not as easy as it sound though.

I can't concentrate on typing my blog out right now. My sister's using the desktop computer in my room. She's singing and playing mini online games, and the noise is like, "Ahhh! I die edy!" or "Shit I have to start all over again!" or even "Fuck! I wasted my bullets on nothing!" and I'm in pain.

No kidding! Games + karaoke!

Ah well, remember the last time I talked about my bad dream? I'm serious about it being the worst. Other bad dreams I had were plain stupidity. How stupid? It's like someone took my stuff and I can't find that stuff back, and then I go everywhere looking for it and when I found it, the dream is over. LOL~

What about good dreams? Always the same case for me, that is, I'm always some hero saving a city. At one point, I had this Rambo look, firing my gatling gun at some green aliens. I even had sidekicks following my instructions. Too much time spent on watching movies and playing games, this is what I get.

Except I wasn't that sad in my dream, and hi-tech weaponry, I had.

Music? I've been singing this song a lot recently. It's fun to sing. lol~
Tank - 专属天使 Zhuan Shu Tian Shi

I tried recording my own part of the chorus, and this is the result.
AxiaL - Personal Angel (Chorus)

Looks like I have a loooooong way to go before I can truly sing like a star.


pinksterz said...

my television? got such subject ar? cool!

i wonder how the exam will be...hurm.

ps; ur dog pic on previous post really cute! ahahahaha. i have fell in lurve with it.

Aaron Chua said...

pinksterz, it's Television.
No exam for this subject. All I have to do are journals and a final project paper.
As for my dog, I think all Spitz look the same. lol~

CRIZ LAI said...

Hey Aaron...giving reports from just sitting and watching TV is still ok lar. I had worst. Reading every blogs and give constructive comments are giving me "blogoheadaches" :P

P/s My guardian angel just fainted. thanks to your song...hehehe..just joking :P

Rabbit said...

wey! I didnt know u can sing so well! Wa rao! Bila mau have concert nih?

Abcchin said...

u can go join ATQ next year.. pls be hardworking work on ur voice. i like!

Mischique said...

LOL...wow...I wish I had a subject called television. Are you in mass comm? They have the best subjects.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hallo!! I notice that ur computer's monitor is 'clothed'. Perhap it will be a good idea when u r using it to 'uncloth' it, so as to prevent heat build up thus prolong ur monitor life. BTW tq for dropping by my sites. Have a nice day.

Aaron Chua said...

LOL~ That's what you do?
My song, that bad huh? Hahaha~

That one call "sing so well" ar? normal jek wor. Concert everyday at home also got. lol~

LOL! Wuah I got a fan! Huahaha~ Yeah I'm always working on my voice. Thanks huh!

Yeah baby! Mass Comm! They have most of the fun subjects. Having fun while doing homework, what more can I ask for?

Hor ny Ang Moh
Yeah that cloth. Hahaha~ I hardly use that computer, I normally use my laptop. Thank you!

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