Monday, June 4, 2007

Hobby lor~

What be your favorite past-time? Hobby lah~
Mine, frankly, are damn boring ones.
I used to be a really quiet, at-home boy. That's probably why I even started collecting stuff.

A list of hobbies, in random order.

Collecting stamps. My, this is really old. I mean, I used to do this when I was 8? Hmmm~ I don't remember. Is this even common now? I think it has became rare.

Anyone else into stamp collecting?


Then I started collecting some more expensive stuff. Like tamagochi? Is that how you spell those things? Okay Digimon is a more familiar word, maybe.

Many guys used to play with stuff like this, eh?


And then the fun of collecting ended. I find nothing more interesting to collect, besides the zing ($$$) of course. Or maybe I became too ambitious, I wanted more expensive stuff like cars.
But no, all I get is this:

Shell's Ferrari collection, I got this free from my uncle.


Back to hobbies, what are my current hobbies? Hobbies are very much different from things that you like to do, alright? More like, things you like to do when you're free. But collecting stamps when you're free? I think if you're a stamp collector, you should always be hunting for a new stamp, and that means it's not a hobby? lol~
I like to play games! Yeah!

Sony PlayStation 3

But no, I don't have a PS3. lol~ I have this instead:

Sony PlayStation 2

Good enough lor~

Another thing I do when I'm free, blog! Yeah! But I don't have a lot of time these days, that's why updates also getting less.
This one don't have to post picture kua~ You're looking at my blog already what! lol~

And well, I watch anime too. Check out this blog - World of Anime
I like Naruto a lot these days. Probably because I play the game, helps me understand the characters better. lol~

Okay. I chao~


Iwan Sanchez said...

ok lah bro..

hahaha!! i used to so obsessed with the tamagotchi thingy..

But i dun collect it like how u do.. hahaha!!!

a n n n a said...

lol.. i collected stamps too. i had a huge craze over stamps last time. Exchanged with friends & cousins. Man.. Those were the days. Bargaining stamps were fun. 2 50cents nanas stamps = 1 1p Euro stamp. lmao..

ItchyHandseng said...

wah u still have ur digimon ar?Mine dunno hide in which corner liau.

erlynda said...

i watch naruto too!!!! lol... been following that anime like hell. after the endless 220 eps comes another 26 eps of naruto shippuuden. can go crazy man... XD

Aaron Chua said...

Iwan Sanchez
Those were the days. Hahaha~

a n n n a
Wuah~ You even traded. That makes you a real collector! Hahahaha!

Hahaha~ Yeah I happen to have found them on the shelf at my desk.

Wuah~ Siao! Hahahaha~ I never really watch all the episodes, I'm still working on getting the discs. Downloading is slow.

De Pianist said...

lolz..i collect stickers last time..only my bro collect those stuffs you mention last time..haha..i didn't watch naruto or bleach or whatever lor..just currently stick to One Piece anime only now..haha..=p

CRIZ LAI said...

I practically did all you did above except for the PS2. I just can't get my god bro and frens aways from the controller. Damn :P

P/s: I think all my stamp collections should be worth a lot by now. I still have them safely hidden away from my nieces' hands :P

Rabbit said...

manyaknyer koreksyen!!

Minny said...

omg tamagochi!!!!!!!!!
mine donno mati until which heaven d. LOL
and omggg PS2! PS3!!!!

a n n n a said...

kikiki.. so how now? wanna trade?! Hohohoho... Now the stamps (maybe) worth more than it's very own value. $.$ *kaching kaching*

Aaron Chua said...

De Pianist
Hey I used to collect stickers too! One Piece is quite popular. I think I have a friend who's stuck on it too.

I lost my stamp collection. Sigh~
PS2, I'm the only guy at home. Hahaha~

Banyak meh? Less than what's in your handbag wor~ Hehe~

Aiseh~ Mine still working, and yes PlayStation3 rocks! Phwroar!!!

a n n n a
I know lah~ If can I will trade, but my collection went missing after my mother cleaned the house. 'Twas a few years ago, before CNY, I think.

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