Thursday, June 14, 2007

A new toy~

I've been gone for ages! That's bad. Bad for blogging business, and it's sad to lose blog visits. Well at least I got myself a camera. Canon PowerShot A570 IS. Don't know which model? Check the pic:

PowerShot A570 IS

You should check out this website if you want to know the specs, or compare Canon cameras - Canon Malaysia.

I think it's not bad. With the image stabilizer, it's easy to capture clear still images, and for those with shaky hands, this camera will serve you well. lol~ I tried around to find out how good the quality is, and this is what I got.

It's messy, but I like it, 'cause it's me garden.

A friend came by my place and she brought along her pet dog.

Ba-Chang, taken without flash.

Well, those are the few photos that I've taken. Right about now, I'm working on my tag - Favorite food. I'm trying to gather more photos of food. And that post, is non-halal. lol~ So like, that tag will take quite some time and the next post will be on something else, which... Well, you'll find out.


Wennnn said...

Ehhh I like ur fren's mia doggie lehh can I hv it???

bubbly soda said...

OMG! I HATE YOU!!! New camera! arghhh! Everyone is getting a new camera! grrr...

Aaron Chua said...

LOL~ It's only 2 months old. Cute huh?

bubbly soda
Get something more expensive, and then I'll hate you instead. lol~

dragonfish said...

cool cam... nice blog man.. keep on blogging!

check out mine too..


Rabbit said...

brapa harganya?

De Pianist said...

i don't know anything about good quality camera..for me,as long as i can take good picture,i'm happy already..haha..photography idiot is like that already liao.lol..=p.

how dare you take that photo of Ba Chang?!i miss it a lot now !!AHH!!

Aaron Chua said...

Yeah thanks man! I like your blog.

Harganya Ringgit Malaysia sembilan sembilan sembilan.

De Pianist
Well, I'm trying to learn more about taking quality photos.
Oh yeah! This is the Dragon Boat Festival, no? Hahaha~

ItchyHandseng said...

ooo Aaron got new toy.Can share ur toy?hahaha

CRIZ LAI said...

**jealous** you bought such a high pixel camera and I only bought myself a lower end camera. Does it come with memory card and batteries or are they charged separately?

Mine is Nikon L2 6.0 MP, 1Gb RAM with free 2 Nikon original rechargeable batteries. The price is RM599.

Aaron Chua said...

We can both take photos together. That be sharing. Haha~

Yeah I read your comment on the previous post. Mine came with 1GB Memory card and 2 non-rechargeable batteries. But I already have 4 so it's no big deal. And it's RM999. I think yours more "dai" leh~

CRIZ LAI said...

Ehhh...beware of the toy sharing thingy...there could be a hidden clause somewhere...LOL

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