Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sunday morning rain is falling~

A really boring Sunday morning. I had nothing much to do, and so, I decided to go everywhere and shoot some photos. I learned how to use the manual mode by myself, because I've been messing around with my camera a lot.

So, I took photographs of my grandpa's garden.

Grandpa's Garden
I love greens.

Bottles of insecticides, and notice the net of steel behind? That's to prevent thieves from stealing whatever there is in the garden.

Winter Melon?

That's what my grandpa told me - Dong Gua (Winter Melon) but I'm not too sure. Mayhap there be more than just one type of Winter Melon?

And then I went into the kitchen, hoping to take any food pictures, but it's early in the morning and all they have is breakfast. So I continued looking on the shelves, and suddenly, I spotted something unusual.

What the heck? Eggs?

Surely, you'd realize that those aren't just any eggs. It's around the size of a ping-pong (Table Tennis) ball, and covered with sand. What else can it be? Took me less than 0.759871 second to figure it out (Alright, I exaggerated, I took twice the time).

Turtle Eggs!
Turtle Eggs!

I had to make sure they're really turtle eggs, so I looked inside, touched the eggs, and gee~ The way they smell, pooh!~ They have really soft shell, but for one to "crack" the egg and look nice doing it, he or she must use a scissors, surprisingly strong eh? How did I find out? My grandma (She was the one who brought the eggs back from her Terengganu trip) told me so. She even made me eat one of them eggs! And so I did. No photo for that one, though. But I must say, the egg tasted like some kind of nut. Hmmm~

Alright, more photographs for the next, I hope.


De Pianist said...

lush greenery..seems like i didn't see it for months already.haha..it's winter here,so i can only see dead leaves or yellow orange leaves along the streets and parks.haha..

turtle eggs?never eat before leh..but i don't dare to eat too.makes me guilty for my tortoise.haha.

d'Fish said...

how u doing bro...

check out my new upcoming post... "hottest malaysian bloggers"

Iwan Sanchez said...


i didnt know turtle eggs can be eaten..


i love the green pics..

sets me in the tranquility mood..


Aaron Chua said...

De Pianist
That's cool~ I've never seen or experience any other seasons before.
I have tortoises, too. I terpaksa makan. -__-

Sure thing.

Iwan Sanchez
Alamak~ Turtle eggs are rather famous at Terengganu.
Green is healthy color. lol~

Abcchin said...

APAAA?? turtle egg??? NOOO dun eat!! save the nature =_=

Aaron Chua said...

I'm not the big of an environmentalist. lol~ But I share your opinion. I mean, aren't turtles supposed to be endangered species? Gee~ And people are still selling the eggs!

CRIZ LAI said...

OMG...that's not the way to eat turtle eggs. You need to put some radiation into the eggs and thus you will become a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle...Haha..caught you there :P

Aaron Chua said...

I didn't think of that. lol~

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