Thursday, June 7, 2007

Err....... The Visit~ Itu Lawatan~

A rather fun day, because the lecturer of the subject - Television - brought us to Sri Pentas Bandar Utama, the one near One Utama. Well, before I start, I want to apologize on the freaking lousy photo quality. Really blur, bad! I've not buy a digital camera, yet.
But anyway, here goes.

This be the reception, without the receptionist.

And we waited for the PR officer (I think) to show up, to you know, tour-guide us around. Yeah it was rather cool, inside the building.

Berita Terkini's latest setting. Check out the camera!

Here, see it now? Kinda cool eh?

Sekian berita. Salam hormat. LOL~

Well this is the real deal, I took the photo after the live telecast.

This be the light control room, if not mistaken. I don't remember. lol~

Next! Well, let's wait for the rest of the photos to come and then I'll do the continuation of this post, okay? Okay huh? Okay lah~
End of first half.


CRIZ LAI said...

You know what? When I saw you sitting in front of the Berita Terkini set, I burst out laughing. I still remember a cartoon drawn by Lat. He was showing this Singh smartly dressed up with a coat and a tie but actually he was only wearing a sarung under the table. You sure you are wearing the proper attire down there ar? :P

Iwan Sanchez said...

itu lawatan or lawatan itu??


Anyway, u cannot read news lah cos ur expression can make ppl laugh... looks like a funny guy...


Finally i know the insights of news castings..

well, i learned something new today...


Thanks bro!

Rabbit said...

Uik! Read news mia fella where can so lan see mia face one?

Wennnn said...

Wah wah became news reporter liao ah?? Rabbit gip news must gip lan si face one la... If not after he start laughing there how can one??

Aaron Chua said...

LMAO~ Eh, I tarak pakai sarong before man. Casual but formal. Hahahaha~

Iwan Sanchez
I made it sound stupid, on purpose. lol~ I wasn't serious, was posing mah~ Hahaha! More to come on the next!

If I happen to be the boss of any TV station, then you'll see lansee reporters everyday. LOL~

LOL Yeah! I was just a lil' too lansee, that's all! Hahaha~

a n n n a said...

Jam berapa punye news? XD

Later i go watch u~~

lol.. jk jk

De Pianist said...

your expression when sitting there is like.."oi.see what see,didn't see me before ka.no news lah today..so what it's live?i syok i show myself nia lah.."


Kenny Ng said...

fuiyoh.... u really got the gaya to be news presenter.

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