Friday, June 15, 2007

Why not Platinum Surfer?

This, I'm going to write about Fantastic Four - Rise of the Silver Surfer. I watched the movie on 14th of June, yeah on Thursday.
Spoilers? Yeah loads of 'em! I'll write about the pictures down there. And if you haven't watch the movie and hate spoilers, you should skip this post for now, seriously.

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

So like, the whole story is about Silver Surfer working for Destroyer, or rather, the Devourer of Planets - some sort of matter that eats on planets' energy to survive (energy from the core). After sucking up the energy of many other planets, it's finally coming to Earth. Of course, you won't understand the Destroyer thing until the middle part of the movie, and that the Silver Surfer is just following orders to save his own planet from dying (that means he's also a good guy).

This is one of the many holes made by the Silver Surfer. All the way into the core, for Destroyer to extract Earth's energy.

Coming through!

What about the so-cool surfboard with unlimited power? Heck, it's just a beacon! It serves as a signal to lead the Destroyer to wherever its next target is, that is if Silver Surfer does his job. I like this surfboard man! Like, you don't need waves to surf with this thing. Even if you needed waves to surf, this thing can easily generate waves with its unlimited power.

When the hot meets the cool.

In this case, the cool wins, obviously. Human Torch even became "sick" after this encounter. How sick? See next picture.

Johnny Storm and Ben switches power.

Yeah he can switch power with others, and something even more cool at the end! And yeah, you get the real super villain coming back to life. You should know who I mean if you watched the first episode.

Victor Von Doom?!

Yeah he's back. Heck, he even stole the surfboard and made it his. The power was great, and the special effects, whoa! Nice! Wait, how did he get the board? Thanks to Mr. Fantastic - Reed Richards' intelligence and a little "pulse" from Susan Storm. They developed some technology to separate the board from the surfer.

Eh? Meeting?

This is when Susan Storm discover that there's more to the story than just Silver Surfer killing Earth. And yeah, also the part when they set-up the technology to separate the surfer from the board. The general ordered shots to be fired at Silver Surfer, but Susan Storm was standing beside him. So, the Silver Surfer "absorbed" the missile to protect Susan from getting hurt, too. After that...

Think you can hit me so easily? Hah!

Yeah he's cool to have evaded them missiles, but the hi-tech "net" caught him and he falls off the board. What next? He was contained and interrogated, while the board, was kept somewhere else. That's when Victor Vom Doom stole the board and killed more people. He became the ultimate nut-case. And no "net" will trap him, he was with the team when they did the research. He tried to kill the Surfer, but hit Susan instead. So like, Susan die lah~ How to bring him down and keep the board (the signal for Destroyer, it is. Remember?) away from Earth? Remember Johnny Storm and his "sick"?

Fantastic Four in One! What do we call him? The Fantastic Invisible Thing that Burns?

Yeah he got all others' powers (before Susan Storm died) and fought with Victor, alone. And of course, 4in1 wins. The board goes back to Silver Surfer, and the sky tukar warna (change color), welcoming the Destroyer. Then Silver Surfer decided to revive Susan with the board's power, and then sacrifice himself to kill the Destroyer.

My, am I cool or what?

So like, he's also one of the heroes!

I like the movie. Rating? Err, 8/10. lol~
This is the superheroes-movie age. If you're one of them fans for these kind of shows, then it really is a must watch for you!


CRIZ LAI said...

Geez...I thought you got lost in one of those holes drilled by the silver surfer. Welcome back!

I also went for the show just now in one of the newly renovated Cathay cinemas. Darn...it's cold but comfy seats.

The whole show was good. I laughed when the security guard refused to let Stan Lee enter the wedding reception. Haha...in case you guys do not know, Stan Lee is the creator of those Marvel superheroes comics characters such as Spiderman, F4, etc.

kyliemc said...

omg....hehe..aaron!!!luckily i watched d movie b4 reading ur blog..haha..so many spoilers...

haha..d movie is nice!!awesome....n chris evans is so cute n hot!! :D ok la,jessica alba is hot too ;)

d movie is kinda touching too...haha..after reading crizlai's comment onli i knoe who is stan lee...

dragonfish said...

hey...cool blog

Heard the movie is good. I really cant stand seeing wats her face...blondy...

Aaron Chua said...

No way man. I'm not leaving the blogosphere. Yeah that Stan Lee thing damn funny. Hahaha~

Yeah I purposely make many spoilers! Hahaha~ You know, personally, I think Silver Surfer's the coolest. Haha~

Jessica Alba, you mean? Haha~

Chee Hsien said...

u already told me the story... hahah... no need watch already :P

De Pianist said...

wah..your movie spoiler is even more spoilt than mine..haha!geng!i wanna skip this post..but i'm just too tempted to know about this..lol..

didn't get to watch the first movie though..awwhh..i was thinking of watching the first one,but then always forgot about it.aiks..now come out the second one pulak..hmm...must watch all 2 of it one day..hehee..=p

kyliemc said...

haha....silver surfer?he's cool but cant c his face.. :P chris evans is still really hot :P d fire boy ;)

conan_cat said...

wa u say everything liao i ma no need watch liao lor??? lol! XD

really spoiler lor~~ aiks... at least save the ending don't tell ma... haha

i'm going to watch it soon oh yeah :P

Aaron Chua said...

Chee Hsien
I think you should watch yourself. lol~

De Pianist
Hmmm, you'll understand the second one better if you watched the first. So, yeah catch both.

Can mah~ He looks like someone familiar. Better yet, every piece of him is valuable! lol~

Dude, you have to watch it to feel the action! Haha~

Mochii said...

i havent watched haha :D

Anonymous said...

oh my. actually i'm not really interested in this movie but after reading your "spoilers", i come to find that this movie sounds rather interesting.

i'm changing my mind now. i think i'll go watch this movie :D

Iwan Sanchez said...


i watched it liao..

but i give it 9/10..


Aaron Chua said...

Go watch! LOL~

Jamie Chin
This movie also got touching moments lah~ Hahaha... I focused on the main story instead. Yeah go watch!

Iwan Sanchez
Alamak~ you know, actually I gave it 9/10 too, but normally when rating a movie, we don't put too high eh? Hahaha~

kyliemc said...

huh?haha..he looks like who?

babyfiona said...

I watch edy! Nice! the bride so yau ying!

Aaron Chua said...

Like who? Err, I forgot. -__-

Bride yao ying? You mean Susan Storm (Jessica Alba) is yao ying? Why not Silver Surfer? lol~

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