Tuesday, June 19, 2007

To protect the body of a good man, Chinese made this~

This post, got pork! Have I any Muslim viewers? Ah just pictures, no harm.

Like, I don't know why I'm writing on this. It just suddenly hit me and I automatically took pictures of ba-chang and what the heck, it's the Dragon Boat Festival! Yeah well, this isn't much of a festival and we don't get any holiday for this. Some even think it's nothing to celebrate about! No? Well I be one of them. Hahaha~ Yeah just eat the ba-chang (what are they called in English, already? Meat in leaves?) and pray a bit. That is all. Unless of course, we get a holiday out of it. That'll be an entirely different story now.

There's a story behind this festival. Heck, there are stories behind every festive season, anyway. But the Dragon Boat Festival's story is rather special. And no, I'm not going to write on it, since most Chinese people should know. Wait, are there any Chinese who don't know or don't remember about this? I hope no.

A blur shot of many ba-changs, thanks to my lousy speed control.

It's difficult to stop once you start. I mean, I can't stop at 1 ba-chang because the ones my grandma made are just freaking great! But it's not healthy to over-eat food, especially since it's oily and sticky. Bad for the digestive system and whatever other health problems you can relate it to.

You don't want to be the first to "eat" these food.

Why not? Course not! That is what we serve our ancestors with. No, we don't really serve 'em. We... "Serve" them, get it? They are all dead, we pray them, and naturally, food is an important offering, because people have been doing it seen ancient times. No logic? Is there even any logic at all when it comes to religion? I think it's just a belief. But let's not go into this, since this is a very delicate issue. You know, simple things like religion can cause world war. Because people always focus on the differences, rather than the similarities.

Father's Day and Dragon Boat Festival almost at the same time. Both also cannot celebrate. Blargh!~ But let's not spoil the mood. Happy Dragon Boat Festival and enjoy the ba-chang, that is if you can have one.


De Pianist said...

it's called meat dumpling in english,hehe...

argh...ba chang ba chang ba chang ba chang ba chang!!!!i wanna eat!!!!!i miss eating them!not sure whether i'm able to go back eat on time or not..ahhh!!

Kenny Ng said...

I really miss the Bak Chang festival, I love to eat Bak Chang very much!

Aaron Chua said...

De Pianist
LOL~ You've been making a lot of noise about ba-chang ever since I post the first ba-chang pic. But I think ba-chang can keep for quite long.

Kenny Ng
You don't "celebrate" the festival? And yeah, we love ba-chang!

lollipop said...

i like to eat ba-chang!
but sometimes hor... they are freaking oily ~.~ u know la.. girls ma... swt~

Iwan Sanchez said...


it seems like everyone is blogging abt bak chang..


the pics looks so selera!!!!

So have u eat any bak changs?

pinksterz said...

i am a muslim viewer! xD

and i still think bak chang looks like ketupat!

d'fish said...

pork ka do dal doooooo....

Aaron Chua said...

Ya lol~ Swt~ Eat vegetarian one lah~ Less fat, less oil, less calories, less.. Whatever lah~

Iwan Sanchez
Of course! I ate so many, I even lost count.

Alamak pinkster! I soooo long no see you liao~ Haha.. Eh different lah. Ketupat uses pandan leave, while ba-chang uses err, bamboo leaves? Why? You wanna sue for copyright infringement? lol~

What made you sing that song? lol~

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