Monday, June 18, 2007

Am I too late, again?

I missed it. I didn't write on it when that day came. Now, come another day and gone, a day to be especially grateful for one who raised me.

Seriously, I think Mother's Day is one of the most written posts in the blogosphere, but I didn't write on it because I had many outings during that time. What about now? Gee~ It's Father's Day already! What am I suppose to write? All the special thanks and this and that? Hmmm~

I wonder if my parents read my blog. Of course, I gave them the link, but having the link and actually checking my blog out is different. Having them visiting my blog is really different, too. I mean, really, would you write what you want to write about them if you knew they were going to find out? I asked a few people, and more than half said no (non-bloggers, though). Some said why not? Easier to send a message using text anyway! You know what I mean about easier.

But anyway, I'm late again. I missed out the actual day. So what? Just skip the thing? Didn't think so. Ah well, I'm going to assume my parents read my blog.

Daddy, happy Father's Day! We miss you! (We being my sister and I) And Mom, we miss you, too! Of course, we always do, but what the heck, it's a special day to cry it all out loud! Heh~

Aiks~ You know, I'm not really good in putting this thank you and love you thing together. I always end up making it sound funny instead. So err, happy Father's Day. No wait, happy everyday sounds better. Haha~ Looking forward to you returning home!
And that's that. To the rest of the world, being a parent is not easy. (Oh no, I'm not a father, yet. But come on, that's the truth. lol~) All that err, you know, responsibilities, stress, pains and fears. So I'll say, biggest respect to all parents out there! Peace!

Happy Father's Day! Happy everyday!


Chee Hsien said...

is okey if u're late... as long as u have the heart....

Iwan Sanchez said...

no bro...
ultimately, its the tot that counts...

that was sweet of you..

btw, y the pic of dog?

Aaron Chua said...

Chee Hsien
But it still doesn't feel nice to wish someone something after the actual day. Makes me feel guilty. lol~

Iwan Sanchez
Thanks man.
The pic of dog, is to kill the seriousness? Nah, I just think it's cute and it's only 2 months old, not knowing its parents. Help it wish also lah~ Hahaha~

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